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14 Days in October: The Cuban Missile Crisis
In-depth account and analysis of the crisis especially designed for educators. Includes a Crisis Center, Briefing Room, Sitroom, The Players, Recon Room, and Debriefing. Even though the site is not overly academic it deserves a visit just for its wonderful application of the Internet as a teaching tool.

Georgetown University - National Security Archive

  • The Submarines of October
    U.S. and Soviet Naval Encounters During the Cuban Missile Crisis
    National Security Archive Briefing Book No. 75
    William Burr and Thomas S. Blanton, Editors, October 31, 2002
    "The documents that follow, culled mostly from the U.S. Navy's operational archives, show how U.S. destroyers and patrol aircraft pursued Soviet submarines during the crisis and after it had subsided, in November."
  • The U-2, OXCART, and the SR-71
    U.S. Aerial Espionage in the Cold War and Beyond
    National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 74
    Jeffrey T. Richelson, Editor, October 16, 2002
    "...a comprehensive documentary history of U.S. aerial espionage in the Cold War and beyond. This publication comes 40 years to the day after CIA analysts briefed President John F. Kennedy on what is probably the most famous overhead reconnaissance photograph of all time...includes 50 declassified documents from the CIA, the White House, the Department of Defense and other agencies..."
  • Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962
    Good introduction and chronology of events
    National Security Archive, George Washington University
  • The Real Thirteen Days:
    The Hidden History of the Cuban Missile Crises
    On this informative multimedia site from the NSA you can "Read the Documents," "Hear the Voices," "See the Photographs," and "Learn the Lessons."
    The National Security Archive, George Washington University

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