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- A Publication of the Archaeological Institute of America

  • Was There a Trojan War? (May/June 2004)
    Article by Manfred Korfmann, Director of Excavations at Troy and Professor of Archaeology, University of T¸bingen.

Alexander the Great on the Web
"...a comprehensive guide to the Macedonian conqueror and his image through time...This site contains links to some 900 pages pertaining to Alexander the Great. The pages vary widely in both beauty and scholarship; the former has been coming up recently, the latter not so much. The links are apportioned among two dozen categories, and each link described and critiqued."
By Tim Spalding

Ancient Greek Links on the World Wide Web
A very well organized general collection of sites. Topics include Authors & Texts, Art & Images, Essential Resources, and Maps & Geography.

Ancient Greek World Index
Topic include Land and Time, Daily Life, Economy, and Death & Religion
The University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

- A Publication of the archaeological Institute of America
  • Was There a Trojan War? (May/June 2004)
    Article by Manfred Korfmann, Director of Excavations at Troy and Professor of Archaeology, University of T¸bingen.

Bryn Mawr Electronic Resources Review
" an on-line journal for reviews of electronic resources having to do with the ancient world. Electronic resources are here taken to include Web sites and CDs. The ancient world is taken to mean primarily ancient Greece and Rome, but to describe the subject matter thus is to provide a center, not a boundary."

Catalog of Greek Coins from the Dewing Numismatic Foundation - (dead link) From the Perseus Project, Tufts University

Dr. J's Illustrated Guide to the Classical World
" extensive on-line collection of illustrated lectures on Greek archaeological sites, literature and history."
By Prof. Janice Siegel, Intellectual Heritage Program, Temple University

The George Ortiz Collection
" of art from Greece, as well as from some of its forerunners, Mesopotamia and Egypt, and its peripheral cultures spanning a period of time from the Neolithic to the Byzantine Empire; also sculptures from Africa, Pre-Columbian America and the Pacific... this web site offers the full corpus of the Collection [280 pieces], with 20 key works presented in a 3-D format for your understanding and enjoyment. "Fully-searchable" catalogue entries are available for each object, as well as glossaries. Additionally, there are news about exhibitions and information about the printed versions of The George Ortiz Collection catalogue, the standard reference on the Collection."

Greek Astronomy
The Revival of an Ancient Science
From the online exhibit Rome Reborn: The Vatican Library and Renaissance Culture

Herodotus on the Web
"...a guide and web directory to Herodotus of Halicarnassus, the famous Greek historian ... On this site you will find over 200 links to resources about Herodotus and his age. These includes texts and translations, books about Herodotus, essays and articles, and so forth..."
By Tim Spalding

Images of Women in Ancient Art: Issues of Interpretation and Identity
Sections include: Women in Prehistory ; Women in Egypt ; Women in the Aegean ; Women in Palestine ; Women in Greece ; Barbarian Women.
Class Web page for the Honors Seminar Images of Women in Ancient Art.
Compiled and written by Chris Witcombe, Prof. of Art History, Sweet Briar College, Virginia.

Perseus Atlas Project - (dead link)
"a part of the Perseus project's efforts to build an interrelated collection of hypermedia databases focused on classical Greece...The Perseus Atlas project is developing an extensive general-purpose geographic information system (GIS) for the study of classical Greece."

Resources for Greek Art & Archaeology
Sections includes: Link Collections ; Texts, Projects, Journals, Bibliographies ; Specific Topical or Regional Concerns ; Archaeology Field Projects ; Atlases & Geographic Information ; Museum Collections ; Associations, Centers & Organizations ; Course Material & Teaching Resources.
By Eric Kondratieff, Forum Antiquum

University of Oxford - The Ashmolean Museum
Britain's oldest public museum

  • The Beazley Archive
    "...has more than 2000 HTML pages with more than 5000 images, an illustrated dictionary of more than 300 pages, bibliographies for classical archaeology and history of collections and illustrated programs for students about pottery, sculpture and engraved gems. All of these programs are on-going."

See also Archaeology - Greece

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