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The Advaita Ved‚nta Home Page
"This site is an attempt at providing an easy and structured introduction to the philosophy of advaita vedAnta, as taught by SankarAcArya and his followers."
Sections include an introduction, philosophy, philosophers, and history.
Maintained by S. Vidyasankar

Dvaita Text Resources
Downloadable texts from the tradition of ¬ch‚rya Madhva
"...this is an online text archive mainly for the dualist Vedanta (Hindu) school of Madhva (13th cent.). Features rare texts and prayers as downloadable PDF files. Much content is in Sanskrit, but also some introductions, translations, and Forewords in English."

Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophy
"This site constitutes a bibliography of the philosophical literature of India during its classical phase and the secondary material on this literature that is available (for the most part) in English. This Web site is an expanded and updated version of the Bibliography which appeared as Volume I of Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies[ by Karl Potter, Dept. of Philosophy, University of Washington]...This electronic edition is published to keep the reader updated on material discovered and catalogued subsequent to the 3rd edition."
This site, the on-line version of Volume I of The Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies, is developed and Maintained by Christine Keyt, Dept. of Philosophy, University of Washington

Hinduism for Schools
Resources for Primary and Secondary Schools.
Sections include: Hinduism ; Symbolism ; Founders ; Scriptures ; God ; Cycle of Rebirth ; Worship ; Yoga ; Festivals ; Philosophy ; Resources ; Links ; Quotes ; Hindu Festival Dates ; Prayers ; Bhagavad Gita ; GCSE ; Hinduism ; Glossary.

Korean Society of Indian Philosophy (English or Korean)
Publishers of Journal of Indian Philosophy. The site includes a collection of links to Indology and Buddhism.

The Mother's Service Society
"The Mother's Service Society is a social science research institute in Pondicherry, S. India since 1969 doing extensive research on the application of Sri Aurobindo's Integral Yoga to life...This web site includes numerous original essays written over a period of thirty years by members of the Society on a wide range of theoretical and applied subjects including development theory and strategy, economics, business management, psychology, science, education and spirituality in life."

The Philosophy of the Bhagavadgita
By Swami Krishnananda, General Secretary, The Divine Life Society, Sivananda Ashram

VEDA - Vedas and Vedic Knowledge Online
"Comprehensive information resource on Bhakti-yoga, Vedic philosophy and culture.
Sections include: Encyclopedia ; Bhakti-yoga ; Library ; Links.

Maintained by Mike Madin.
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