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Many Geography Organizations list specific Internet resources.

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Resources for Geographers
International Network for Learning & Teaching Geography in Higher Education
Sections include: Starting Places ; Journals ; Professional Associations ; Map Collections ; Geo-spatial Datasets ; Newsgroups and Listservers ; Academic Departments ; Jobs for Geographers ; Educational Resources ; Software.
Maintained by Lance Christian and Kenneth Foote of the Department of Geography at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Family of Four Project
Statistical profile of the "typical" family of four.
" Social, demographic and economic characteristics of this type of family will be presented in the following pages...This site will allow researchers to quickly find information concerning families of four by displaying a variety of data in one source."
The Heritage Foundation

Geography and GIS Resources
A well annotated collection of online resources.
By Larry Schankman, Mansfield University

Geography and Regional Science Program

"GeoLib's mission is two fold. First, to improve access to digital geographic information in libraries, regardless of whether the information is desired by library users or by library managers. And secondly, to apply marketing solutions to library is designed as a portal to other web sites that provide information about easy-to-use digital geographic information for researchers, librarians, geographic information system (GIS) specialists, and the general public."
- College of Information, The Florida State University

Maps/Geographic Information Systems
"This page provides starting points for finding maps and digital geographic information. Included are databases, catalogs and indexes as well as pertinent web sites."
A well organized and extensive collection of local, regional & international resources.
University Libraries Information Gateway, University of Washington

Research on Place & Space
"This set of resources draws together work from a variety of disciplines on the concept(s) of place and space. The term 'place' does not necessarily have the same implications or meanings in the different disciplines."
By Bruce Janz, Dept. of Philosophy, Augustana University College

Staffordshire [UK] Learning Net - Geography
Sections include: Online Forum ; Geo-Grapevine ; Primary Geography ; Special Needs ; Post 16 Geography ; Geo-Excellence ; Geo-Creativity ; Geo-Images ; Geo-Data and GIS ; Weblinks ; Ask a Geographer.

Start the Hunt: Guide To Mostly On-line And Mostly Free U.S. Geospatial and Attribute
"Its purpose is to provide a starting point when beginning to track down sources of digital geospatial data and attributes related to the US."
By Stephan Pollard

Many Geography Organizations list specific Internet resources.

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