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Alexandria Digital Library
Map and Imagery Laboratory
University of California at Santa Barbara

Centre for Topographic Information (Ottawa)
Canadian Topographic Maps
"Using information contained in the National Topographic Data Base, the Centre for Topographic Information produces digital and hardcopy topographic maps at scales of 1/50 000 and 1/250 000. In addition, the Centre is the custodian of the federal aerial photography archives."

Digital Data Set of Volcano Hazards for Active Cascade Volcanoes, Washington

"...develop the Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure (CGDI), that will coordinate and make Canada’s geospatial data bases accessible on the Internet; coordinate partnerships between federal, provincial and territorial, private sector and the academic community."

Geographic Names Information System

Geographical Information Systems, Geo-spatial Data

Geostat: Geospatial and Statistical Data Center
"Geostat supports a wide range of academic and scholarly activities through access to extensive collections of numeric and geospatial data files; computing facilities and software for data manipulation, research, and instruction; and a suite of Internet-accessible data extraction tools.
University of Virginia Library

GIS in Public Health
Resources for the use of geographic information systems in public health applications.
U.S. Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry

GPS Applications Exchange
" online information source on the diverse uses of GPS technology all over the world. GPS is a public information service used by both the public and private sectors of our global economy to improve productivity, increase safety and protect the environment. Sponsored by NASA and representatives of the GPS community - (dead link) the Applications Exchange includes GPS application stories that you can browse and view by application type or by country. You can also access these applications by regions using the map below. Use the pull-down menus on this page to learn about the innovative ways that GPS is being put to work."

Gridded Population of the World (GPW)
"In this Gridded Population of the World (GPW) data set, the distribution of human population is converted from national or subnational units to a series of georeferenced quadrilateral grids."

The Federal Geographic Data Viewer
"LandView reflects the collaborative efforts of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Census Bureau, the U.S. Geological Survey, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to produce a "Federal Geographic Data Viewer" that provides the public ready access to published Federal spatial and related data."

Migration Information Source
"...provides fresh thought, authoritative data from numerous global organizations and governments, and global analysis of international migration and refugee trends. A unique, online resource, the Source offers useful tools, vital data, and essential facts on the movement of people worldwide."

  • Global Data Center
    "Here you will find migration data from numerous global organizations and governments around the world -- all at your fingertips! Choose the country you want and generate data tables and create graphs, instantly. We will be continually updating and expanding the site to incorporate additional country data."

Population-Environment Research Network (PERN)
"...seeks to advance academic research on population and the environment by promoting on-line scientific exchange among researchers from social and natural science disciplines worldwide."

Population Reference Bureau - Search Population and Health Data
"This database contains data on 85 demographic variables for 221 countries in the world, for 28 world regions and sub-regions, for the world as a whole, for the United States as a whole, and for the 50 states and the District of Columbia...Search combined data of four PRB world data sheets: 2001 World Population, The World's Youth 2000, 1998 Women of Our World, and Breastfeeding Patterns in the Developing World."

Princeton University - Office of Population Research (OPR)

  • Data and Statistical Services
    "The Data Library is a collection of over 24,000 machine-readable files. Electronic data is gathered primarily for the social sciences but also for the sciences and humanities. Data are available for the United States and foreign countries...The Data Library includes extensive holdings for Economic Time Series and U.S. Census Data, and a range of other subject areas spanning historical and contemporary events, factual and opinion-oriented studies, and single and multiple country coverage."
    Some files restricted to Princeton University users.

UC Atlas of Global Inequality
"The Atlas of Global Inequality explores some aspects of inequality using online, downloadable maps and graphics...The Atlas explores the interaction between global integration (globalization) and inequality, and provides maps, graphics and data primarily for use by students and teachers in the University of California. We hope the information may also be of use for researchers and activists worldwide."
Sections include: Health ; Income Inequality ; Economic Globalization ; Inequality & Growth ; Teaching Activities.
- University of California, Santa Cruz.

UK National Digital Archive of Datasets (NDAD)
" NDAD contains archived digital data from UK government departments and agencies. The system has been available since March 1998 and provides open access to the catalogues of all its holdings, and free access to open datasets following a simple registration process."

UNEP-GRID Sioux Falls Website
United Nations Environment Programme, Global Resources Information Database

U.S. Census Bureau - See

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