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For Feminist Theory see Women & Cinema.

Projects include Academic papers on film and new media, Film Theory and Critique, MultiMedia 'lectures,' Source of film clips and references to other sites.

Film and Philosophy - (dead link)
Online journal

Film Sound Design
Film Sound Theory
Topics include Terminology, On-line Articles, Bibliography, and Links
By Sven E. Carlsson, Media Instructor, Birka folkhogskola

Internet Salon
"A journal and discussion forum promoting a philosophical review of cinema, the salon combines original review articles with email response and argument. Plus our regular selection of the best new writings and other links from around the web."

Filmes: escritura y analisis

Forum for the Psychoanalytic Study of Film
An international interdisciplinary organization

Movie Sound Page
"To provide an informative database on the presentation of film sound at the cinema and in home theatre."
Includes News & Views, Articles, Reviews and more
By Perry Sun

Ray Carney on Life and Art
"It is one of the largest individual sites in the world, and one of few devoted
to the art of film (rather than business/commerce/pop culture). The focus is on independent and personal expression in film, and the work of the major American independent filmmakers."
Includes excerpts from Prof. Carney's books and essays on independent filmmakers, artists, and contemporary popular criticism. His sections on Cassevetes are especially noteworthy.
Ray Carney, Film and American Studies, Boston University

Sight and Sound
The British Film Institute's Monthly Film Magazine
Features and Film Reviews freely available online.

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