The Business of English as Second Language: ESL/TOESL Degree

If you are looking for a specialized career in education, then taking an online degree program in ESL/Bilingual/TESOL may be exactly what you're looking for. ESL stands for English as a Second Language and in today's far-reaching Western-influenced global landscape; it's a specialty that is in high demand. Educators who specialize in ESL or TESOL have the ability to work in any country where English is an asset, making for a versatile and often exciting career filled with travel opportunities.

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ESL / Bilingual / TESOL Degree FAQs

What Requirements are There to be an ESL Instructor?

The basic requirements for most learning institutions are that the instructors have their Bachelor's degree, teaching license and a specialized certificate in ESL. While these three components are most commonly required, there are some instances where the Bachelor's degree is not necessary, making the teacher's license and ESL certificate the only two requirements.

What Can I Do With an ESL Degree?

ESL teachers can find employment in a number of areas around the globe. Anywhere where English is a second language, in fact. These specialized instructors are also in high demand in areas of high immigration where immigrants coming into the United States will be needing to learn basic English. ESL instructors can usually find employment at community colleges and universities.

What Courses are Included in an Online ESL Program?

The curriculum of online ESL programs can vary depending on the learning institution providing the course. However, there are a number of similar topics that can be found in most successful distance learning programs. These include learning how to work with people from various cultures, understanding GED exam requirements, the fundamentals of adult education and second-language acquisition theory.

What Other Qualities are Needed to Work in the ESL/Bilingual/TESOL Education Field?

The instructor trained in ESL should have a firm understanding of how the English language is used to communicate, including how the language is structured. They should also be patient, considerate and be able to work with others. Good problem solving capabilities, the ability to think quickly and good organizational skills are also highly recommended.

What Types of ESL/Bilingual/TESOL Degree Programs are Available Online?

There are a number of language degree programs available online, many of which are provided by accredited colleges and universities. These programs are often mirror images of their campus-based classes, meaning that the online certificate course is just as comprehensive and all-inclusive as the university's campus program.

Why Should I Choose an Online ESL Degree Program?

For many teachers, they don't want to give up their full-time job to pursue their continued education. With online courses in ESL, these professionals are able to have the best of both worlds -- continued income from their daily job and the benefit of continuing their education at their own pace and according to their own schedule.

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