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  • Columbia Basin Native Fisheries
    "...you can retrieve profiles of the indigenous groups in the Columbia Basin that were included in the Northwest Power Planning Council Act passed by the U.S. Congress in 1980...takes you the documents that provide the foundation for Indian fishing rights such as treaties and court cases in both the U.S. and Canada." International Environmental Law and Policy (etext)
    A Comprehensive Reference Source
    "This site has been designed for use in conjunction with our textbook, but it should prove useful as a stand-alone research site, as well... contains links to the book's 21 chapters and annexes. Each chapter contains relevant links to sites containing treaties, treaty offices, documents, NGOs, government agencies, and cool sites we found while surfing."
    By David Hunter, Jim Salzman and Durwood Zaelke, 2nd Ed., 2002.
    (University Casebook Series)

    Land Use History of North America
    "This web site addresses some of these questions for several regions of North America. More importantly, it strives to convey the importance of a historical context for understanding ongoing changes in land cover and land use. Each section has been written by researchers for the non-specialist and reviewed independently by peer scientists."
    U.S. Geological Survey

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