How to Teach at a Distance: Distance Education Degree

One of the fastest growing areas of the education field is that of distance education. Distance education is a program that is designed to be taken over the Internet, not in a physical campus setting. This type of education is preferred by full-time professionals who are looking to further their career with an associated degree in their field, individuals who are looking to return to their academic pursuits and by people looking to get the education they need to change careers.

Distance Education Degree FAQs

If you are interested in obtaining a degree in distance education, then earn it the right way -- by enrolling in a distance learning program designed to teach the specifics of distance education. With these programs, you will not only receive the education you need to work in this field, but you will be learning it in the same fashion that you will be eventually teaching it, thus increasing your experience in the profession from the start.

What Topics are Covered in Distance Education Degree Programs Available Online?

The field of distance education is an individualized area of study under the education umbrella, and it requires a number of special considerations that do not apply to traditional teaching methods. Most online degree programs in distance education include the following areas of study in their curriculum:

  • Instructional Design for Online Learning
  • Master of Distance Education
  • Online Teaching Specializations
  • Educational Leadership
  • Curriculum Development

While most online degree programs in this field of study contain similar curriculum designs, it is important to research the various programs available to ensure that you are enrolling in the one that presents you with the best match for your expectations and needs.

What is the Primary Difference Between Campus-Based and Distance Education Instructors?

The primary difference between these two variations of education is that distance education allows students the flexibility they need in which to complete their programs. Instructors who teach in a campus setting must travel to and from the campus, work in a classroom setting and adhere to a specific schedule. Instructors who specialize in distance education, or e-learning, have the freedom to design their program around their schedule and according to their means.

What Can I Do With a Distance Education Degree?

Education is one area of industry where innovations, new techniques and updated methodologies are constantly changing the way the job is performed. Due to the increased number of professionals returning to their academic pursuits, the number of distance education instructors has regularly increased, and should continue to experience growth, in the future.

How can Taking an Online Degree Program Prepare Me for a Career in Distance Education?

Simply put, by taking an online degree program in distance education, you will be getting a first-hand look at how e-learning works. You will get an excellent feel for how a distance education program flows, how they are designed and how they are implemented. By successfully completing your online degree program in distance education, you will have the education and then experience you need to develop a long and tenured career in this innovative field of education.

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