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Full-Text Theology Periodicals Online
Blume Library, St. Mary's University

Ancient Narrative
Electronic Journal
"...Greek, Roman, Jewish novelistic traditions, including novels proper, the "fringe", as well as the fragments; narrative texts of the Byzantine age, early Christian narrative texts - and the reception of these works in modern literature, film and music."

Baylor University - Dawson Institute of Church-State Studies

Biblical Archaeology Review (BAR)
Biblical Archaeology Society

Biblical Theology Bulletin
International Quarterly Journal of Bible and Theology

BSW Journal
Studies of biblical theology

Christianity Today

The Ezine of Christian Mystics Traditional and Contemporary

Currents in World Christianity

East-West Church & Ministry Report
"Published quarterly, seeks to encourage Western Christian ministry in East Central Europe and the former Soviet Union that is effective, culturally sensitive, and cooperative. It also serves as a forum for the exploration of a variety of issues relating to Christianity's presence in Europe's formerly Marxist states."


Journal of Biblical Studies
" an electronic journal dedicated to the field of Biblical Studies in general. Articles on any aspect of Biblical Studies (including: Archaeology, linguistics, exegesis, history, and textual issues) are welcome, and contributions that challenge the traditional boundaries of Biblical Studies are encouraged. We would also like to see articles that discuss the relationship between Biblical Studies and other disciplines."

Journal of Lutheran Ethics (JLE)
" an online publication dedicated to promoting awareness of, study of, and conversation about Christian ethics in the Lutheran tradition. It is a free, interactive journal for all who are interested in Lutheran ethics, both in the United States and around the world. A bridge between the academic study of Christian ethics and the contemporary life of the Church, JLE is a meeting place for scholars and professors, seminary and college students, pastors and bishops, and theologically informed lay leaders."

Journal of Public Theology
"An Online Resource for Public Professionals"

Journal of Religion and Society
"...has been established to promote the cross-disciplinary study of religion and its diverse social dimensions through the publication of research articles, essays and opinions, review articles, and book reviews."

Master's Seminary Journal
" a publication of the faculty of The Master's Seminary. It is published semi-annually and contains scholarly articles dealing with the Biblical text, theology, and pastoral concerns. It also contains reviews of current books and significant articles relating to these issues."

The News
Newsletter for the Coalition of Christian Colleges & Universities

Quaker Theology
A Progressive Journal and Forum for Discussion and Study

Research on the Contemplative Life: An Electronic Quarterly
" a refereed journal, ISSN 1076-0784, that fosters, encourages, advances, and communicates scholarly thought on contemplative life."

Review of Biblical Literature
Published by the Society of Biblical Literature

TC: A Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism
" an electronic journal dedicated to the study of the Jewish and Christian biblical texts. Articles on any aspect of the textual criticism of the Jewish and Christian scriptures (including extracanonical and related literature) are welcome, and contributions that transcend the traditional boundary between textual criticism of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament and New Testament textual criticism are especially encouraged."

An Online Magazine For Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Christians

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