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Many China Studies - Organizations list specific online resources.

China Education & Research Network
"The main objective of the CERNET project is to establish a nation-wide education and research network infrastructure to support education and research in and among universities, institutes and schools in China."

Chinese Cultural Studies
An excellent course page from Paul Halsall, Brooklyn College. It includes images, texts, notes, and a lot more

Chinese Military Power
A Compendium of Online Resources about Chinese Military Policy & Capabilities
"...your gateway to full-text online analysis and research tools essential to understanding China's military policy, capabilities, and potential. Here you will find access to the spectrum of U.S. opinion regarding China's strategic development, with regularly updated links to online articles, reports, and government documents assessing China's military modernization, relevant political and economic factors, the military balance in East Asia, and U.S. policy toward China. As an aid to further study we provide a bibliography of key readings and links to online databases and to leading area specialists and research sites. This site is edited and sponsored by the Project on Defense Alternatives."

Columbia University - Starr East Asian Library
Sections include: China ; Japan ; Korea ; Tibet ; East Asia
Each section includes information, links, and details about the collection.

East & Southeast Asia: China
An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources
China: Academia, Libraries, & Professional Societies
By Robert E. Eng, Dept. of History, University of Redlands

Great Wall Across the Yangtze
"To China's leaders, the dam is the greatest engineering feat since the construction of the Great Wall, but to critics worldwide, it is a social and environmental disaster. As the debate rages on, GREAT WALL ACROSS THE YANGTZE tells a complex story of extraordinary sacrifice in the face of modernization."
Sections include: The Story ; The Yangtze ; Three Gorges Dam ; The Controversy ; The Film ; Talkback ; Resources.
PBS Online

Marjorie Chan's ChinaLinks
"This site has annotated links to over two hundred China- and Chinese language and linguistics-related web sites."
A well organized and extensive collection of resources

Stephen C. Angle's China-Related Links
An impressive collection of scholarly links.

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