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Baha'i Faith
Buddhism in Canada
Judaism in Canada
Sikhism in Canada
Alternative Spirituality

Links & General Resources

The American Religious Experience

Canadian Society for the Study of Religion

Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
A collection of over 500 essays including brief descriptions of 63 religions, sects and faiths.

Religious Makeup of Canada

Baha'i Faith

Bah·'Ì Communities in Canada - (dead link)

see also Academic Info: Baha'i Faith


Buddhism in Canada
By George Klima, in collaboration with Chris Ng and K'un Li Shih of the Buddhist Women's Network and with Mathieu Ouellet.

Thai Temples in North America
"The following list of Thai Buddhist temples in North America was originally prepared by Sorrayut Ratanapojnard, with corrections and additions made by Joy Aswalap. In the summer of 1996 Joy kindly gave John Bullitt the opportunity to update and maintain this list, which is based on her June 1994 edition (and which was originally downloaded from NECTEC's ftp site in Thailand). In February 1998, DharmaNet International agreed to continue the maintainance of this list. It has since been updated based upon information provided by the Thai Bhikkhus Council."
From DharmaNet

see Academic Info: Buddhism


The Calgary Islamic Homepage

Canadian Council of Muslim Women - (dead link)
Includes their National Newsletter

Canadian Islamic Congress - (dead link)

Canadian Muslim Civil Liberties Association

Canadian Society of Muslims

Masjid Addresses in Canada - (dead link)
"The information compiled here initially comes from ISNA's directory of Masjids and Islamic Centers, the compilation published by the Muslim World League Office in Toronto, Ont., and the Muslim Guide to Toronto, published by Ethno Lingua in Mississauga, Ont. Additions and corrections have also been added from various sources. The information here pertains only to Canada.

Islamic Assembly of North America
Includes sections on conferences, programs, news, fatwa center, radio station, and papers

Islamic Banking and Finance: Another Approach
Revised version of a paper presented at the Islamic Hinterland Conference on Critical Debates Among Canadian Muslims, 3-5 September 1999, Toronto, Canada
by A.L.M. Abdul Gafoor

PBS - Frontline - Son of Al Qaeda (April 2004)
Companion web site to the TV broadcast.
"The inside story of a young Canadian who grew up with bin Laden's children and was groomed to be a terrorist -- but became instead a CIA informant."
Sections include: Interviews ; Inside the Khadr Family ; Readings ; Correspondent's Notebook.

See Academic Info: Islam


Association for Canadian Jewish Studies

B'nai Brith Canada - (dead link)

Canadian Jewish Congress National Archives - (dead link)

Canadian Jewish News - (dead link)
Internet Edition - A Selection of Stories from our Pages

Countering Anti-Semitism and Hate in Canada Today
Legal/Legislative Remedies and Current Realities Racism, Anti-Semitism and Hate in Canada
The Nizkor Project

Institut quÈbÈcois d'Ètudes sur la culture juive - (dead link)

Jewish Communities of the world : Canada
A nice description, with statistics, detailing Canadian Jewish communities

Ontario Jewish Archives - (dead link)

See Academic Info: Judaism


Canadian Sikh Study & Teaching Society - (dead link)

See also Academic Info: Sikhism

Alternative Spirituality

Wiccan Church of Canada

See also Academic Info: Religious Movements & Alternative Spirituality

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