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Bahá'ì Academics Resource Area
Includes a nice collection of Primary & Secondary Source Material, Resource Tools and "Random Material"
Maintained by Jonah Winters

The Bahá'ì Faith: Dawn of a New Day
Maintained by the Baha’ìs of the United States

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The Bahá'ì Association of the University of Georgia
Contains an extensive listing of non-English Web pages that provide information on the Bahá'ì Faith

Bahá'ì Communications International
"Bahá'ì Communications International (BCI) provides free webspace, email, and support services to Bahá'ì institutions worldwide."

A Bahai'i Faith Page
By Glen Little

Bahá'ì Glossary
By Marzeih Gail, Fourth Printing, 1969.
Persian and Arabic words in the Bahá'ì Writings

Baha'i Studies
New Translations of Tablets, Scholarly Papers, Talisman Debates (Juan Cole, University of Michigan)
"The Bahá'ì Directory Service offers a list of Communities, Publishing Trusts, TV Programs, Radio Programs, Magazines, Associations of Bahá'ì Studies, Academic Schools and Universities and more."
By Furutan Çelebi

International Bahá'ì Library
A visually wonderful website describing the mission, special collections and collection development policies and more of the library and archive.

Upliftingwords - a Bahá'ì Faith page
"Uplifting words sends small, inspiring quotes from the Bahá'ì scriptures to
people's e-mails. We began in 1998 and now have a mailing list within 57
countries. Our website also provides information on the Bahá'ì Faith and
Bahá'ì Holy Places within Israel."

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