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Celebrating Women's Achievements
National Library of Canada

Do Your Share a Birthday with Famous Canadian Women?
By Dawn Monroe

Franco-American Women's Institute (FAWI)
"The Franco-American Women's Institute is an organization in Maine, a group of women who gather together for the specific purpose of promoting ethnic women's voices. The Franco-American Women's Institute is also an archival place or a recording place. The women come together as Franco-American women--QuÈbÈcois, Acadian, MÈtis, and Mixed Blood--in a way which encourages them to be voiced while collecting a record of their and their maman's existence. Daughters, mamans, and mÈmËres."

High Flyers - Canadian Women in Aviation
"This project produced a database of many personal photos, memorabilia and other archival documents, including biographies of approximately twenty women in the aviation field."
Sections include: The Early Years ; Second World War ; The 1950s-1960s ; The 1970s-1990s.
- Canada's Digital Collections

Provincial Museum of Alberta

  • The Poster War Virtual Exhibit
    "The Poster War exhibit contains forty-six posters selected from the collection of the late Theodore Elizabeth Wright Macgillivray. These posters represent some of the work of Allied poster artists and the best work of their Canadian counterparts during the First World War...Particularly noteworthy is the evolution in the portrayal of women in the sections of the exhibit." [emphasis added]
    By Maurice F.V. Doll

Status of Women Canada

  • Women's History Month
    "Established in 1992 by the Government of Canada, this special month [October] provides an opportunity to learn more about women's historic accomplishments and their contributions to Canadian society."

Then & Now- Women in Canadian Legislatures
"A brief biographical sketch and photo highlights the life and achievements of each of these 20 remarkable women. This is followed by a list of suggested readings and/or their publications."
National Library of Canada

Victoria Women's Movement Archives
University of Victoria

Women in Canadian Librarianship and Bibliography
"A brief biographical sketch highlights the life and achievements of each "pioneer". This is followed by a list of suggested readings and/or their publications."
National Library of Canada

Women in Canadian Life and Society, Music, and Literature
"A brief biographical sketch highlights each woman's life and achievements. This is followed by a list of suggested readings or works. Also included are two selective bibliographies."
National Library of Canada

Women of North Buxton and the Elgin Settlement - (dead link)
The Buxton Historic Site & Museum

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