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For those with designs to climb up the corporate ladder, earning a business administration degree is absolutely essential as it is a requirement for small, medium to large sized companies. A typical degree in business administration will cover a multitude of subject areas that include, but are not limited to accounting, human resources, sales and marketing, economics etc. Levels of business administration degrees range from an Associate Degree in business Administration and Management to a Masters in Business Administration (MBA). Earning an online degree in business degree is best suited for those already in employment and seeking to bolster their academic credentials.

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Business Administration & Management FAQ

How Does One Become a Business Manager or Business Administrator?

Most successful business managers have attained a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from an accredited school or college. While this is not a strict requirement to hold a management position, it will definitely improve the chances of becoming one. The education one receives from online business administration and business management courses will provide the student with the necessary tools to be fully prepared for running a business on a day-to-day basis as a top business manager or business administrator.

What Other Qualities Should a Potential Business Administration Manager Possess?

Those looking for employment in the business administration and business management field should be personable, business-minded and exhibit excellent organizational skills. They should also have good communication skills and open to teamwork. Good analytical skills are a must and it is also a job for people who are very detail-oriented. An aptitude for figures will be very useful along with time management skills. Finally, because of the constant changes in business it is essential that those looking to work in this field be willing to always stay up to date in regards to business and office environment developments.

What Is the Job Responsibility of a Business Administration Manager?

Job responsibilities in the business administration field vary, sometimes greatly, from business to business. In some cases, business administration managers may be responsible for the hiring and firing of personnel, records management, payroll and/or the making of employee schedules. Ultimately, there is a wide range of job descriptions and responsibilities that fit under the managerial classification. In most cases, when working at larger companies your job responsibilities might be more specialized than at smaller ones.

What Can I Do with a Business Administration and Business Management (MBA) Degree?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, the job growth rate of this field is expected to increase through 2016 by approximately 12 percent. This is slightly higher than the national average. 

One sector of this industry that appears to be growing at a slightly faster rate is that of facility managers. This is due to a reinforced importance of facility efficiency and security. In addition, many candidates may find it easier to join a company in an entry-level managerial position and combine experience and continuing education to reach their ultimate career goals. Additionally, outsourced management services and consulting have increased in popularity, creating yet another avenue for possible employment in this industry.

What Kind of Salary can I Expect with a Business Administration and Management Degree?

Just as the job responsibilities vary per company, so do the pay scales. Some administrative services managers make $46,430 a year and others make well over $153,00 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. They also indicate that the highest paying industries are finance and insurance as well as professional, scientific, and technical services. General and operations managers earned a median annual wage of $100,780 during 2015. Of course, this is one area where the more responsibilities one has, the higher the salary. One of the benefits of starting as an entry-level manager is that with each promotion you receive, your income will increase accordingly.

What Type of Work Environemnt Can I Potentially Expect In This Field?

When working in a business administration field you can typically expect a pleasant and clean office working environment. Most people who follow this career path also enjoy regular office hours and work five-day weeks. However, when working as a facility manager, you might be called into address any problems that can occur during nonworking hours. The work is usually varied and there is scope for advancement if you are willing to put in the effort. There might be times when you have to deal with difficult people, but this is common to many occupations.

How Will an Associate's Degree Prepare Me for the Business World?

An associate's degree is a wonderful launching pad if you're hoping to work in business management and administration. Most large companies have their own management training programs, thus having a strong foundation such as an associate's degree can be a way to candidacy in company management. At the very least, an associate's degree in business management will prepare you for entry level work in the business field, in which you can work toward your own opportunities for growth.

An associate's in business management will prepare you to apply your business knowledge in the next level of your development -- whether professional or educational. A degree will familiarize you with the language of the field, and help you identify the foundations of managing a successful business through business ethics, strategy and human resources.

An associate's degree program will allow you to finally put some of your business ideas, strategies and theories into practice, while receiving feedback from fellow students and your professors. In such an environment, you'll be able to adapt skills and improve ideas, preparing you perfectly for further education or the beginnings of a business career.

What Can I Do With a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration?

Students who receive a bachelor's degree in business administration will be prepared to work in the field of business management and administration. Graduates may be responsible for a department within a company or running their own businesses.

Many companies will hire top students as candidates for management and administrative training programs, helping them to achieve administrative status upon completion of the program.

A bachelor's degree in business administration will prepare students to offer skilled assets to prospective employers in the business world. Focusing on a firm foundation of successful business practices, identifying niche markets and trends, as well as competing in the booming world of Internet commerce, students will gain a unique perspective of their career potential.

Students pursuing a business administration degree will become familiar with the role of human resources in the current business world. They will also understand strong business strategies and business ethics that allow companies to grow and prosper.

What Are the Admission Requirements for Business and Management PhD Students?

The admission requirements for a doctoral program in business and management varies for each school, but most programs require that applicants have an undergraduate degree or a master's degree. When applying to a school, you should submit a completed application, GMAT or GRE scores and transcripts.

Some schools also ask for essays, interviews and letters of recommendation, so you should contact your school's admission office to make sure that you submit all of the necessary documents. If you do not meet the academic requirements of a school that you are interested in, then you might contact them to discuss your options. Some programs have probationary periods that give you the opportunity to prove that you can successfully complete your classes.

What Are The Other Advantages To Obtaining This Type of Degree?

Any type of business or organization requires the skills of a good administrator, which means this type of degree can open a lot of career opportunities. It can also help prepare you for the challenges of running your own business if you prefer being your own boss. There are various study fields in which to specialize when completing a degree in this field and these can all help you to adequately prepare for the modern office. Finally, this type of course can assist you with becoming a better team player, improve your communication and increase your confidence levels, which are qualities that are useful in all areas of life.

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