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The British Monarchy
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UK GovTalk
"The purpose of this site is to enable the Public Sector, Industry and other interested parties to work together in developing and agreeing policies and standards for e-government. This is achieved through the UK GovTalk RFP and RFC processes. The site also provides repositories for draft and agreed schemas, toolkits, best practice and relevant information for the running of the e-GIF programme."

Home Office
"The Home Office is the government department responsible for ensuring we live in a safe, just and tolerant society by putting public protection at the heart of all we do. We are responsible for the police in England and Wales, national security, the justice system and immigration."

Finding Aids

British and Irish Legal Information Institute
"...provides access to the most comprehensive free and up-to-date collection of British and Irish primary legal materials on the internet. As at 14 May 2000, BAILII includes 17 databases covering 5 jurisdictions. The system contains around one gigabyte of legal materials and well over 100,000 searchable documents with about 2.5 million hypertext links."

Government on the Web
"This site is dedicated to improving knowledge and understanding of e-government and the impact of web-based technologies on government. This site is run jointly by the LSE Public Policy Group (London School of Economics and Political Science) and the UCL School of Public Policy (University College London)."

The Bloody Sunday Inquiry
Official House of Commons inquiry home page.
"That it is expedient that a Tribunal be established for inquiring into a definite matter of urgent public importance, namely the events on Sunday, 30 January 1972 which led to loss of life in connection with the procession in Londonderry on that day, taking account of any new information relevant to events on that day."
Mr. Tony Blair's statement to the House of Commons to set up the official inquiry 29 January 1998.
Sections include: What's New ; Hearing Transcripts ; Rulings & Judgements ; Press Notices ; Reports & Statements ; Questions & Answers.


Electoral Commission
"The Commission has been established by Parliament as an independent body to oversee new controls on gift [not tax-deductible]s to and campaign spending by political parties and others. It also has a remit to keep under review electoral law and practice and to promote public awareness of the electoral process."

Inner Temple Library
"The Inner Temple is one of the four Inns of Court. The other Inns are Middle Temple, Gray's Inn and Lincoln's Inn. These are unincorporated associations which have existed since the 14th Century. They play a central role in the recruitment, training and professional life of barristers, holding the exclusive rights to call candidates to the bar of England and Wales."

National Archives Learning Curve
" an on-line teaching resource, structured to tie in with the History National Curriculum from Key Stages 2 to 5. The Learning Curve contains a varied range of original sources including documents, photographs, film and sound recordings. There are three different types of resource: Exhibitions, Focus Ons and Snapshots. Each has a distinct approach to suit different styles of learning."

The Shipman Inquiry
"Harold Fredrick Shipman was convicted at Preston Crown Court on 31 January 2000 of the murder of 15 of his patients while he was a General Practitioner at Market Street, Hyde, near Manchester and of one count of forging a will. He was sentenced to life imprisonment....Police have also investigated allegations that he may have murdered many more patients while he was a GP in Hyde and Todmorden...On 1 February 2000, the Secretary of State for Health announced that an independent private [now public] inquiry would take place to establish what changes to current systems should be made in order to safeguard patients in the future."

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