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Aggie Horticulture Network
Sections include: Aggie Horticulture ; Horticulture Database Server ; Extension Horticulture ; hortIPM ; Vegetable Improvement Center ; Master Gardener Server ; Aggie Spuds ; Junior Master Gardner ; Webtutor ; WWW-Horticulture ; Phytochemicals ; Horticulture Server.
- Texas A&M University System

Andean Botanical Information System (ABIS) (Spanish or English)
"...presents information from floristic and systematic investigations of the flowering plants (phanerogams) of Andean South America. Topics include selected geographic regions and groups of Andean plants, flora of coastal Peru and Chile, floristic inventories from a variety of habitats in northern Peru, bibliographic resources, and searchable databases."

Arkansas Biodiversity: The Vascular Flora
"This project is based on information taken from An Atlas and Annotated List of the Vascular Plants of Arkansas, a product of Dr. Edwin B. Smith and the University of Arkansas Herbarium. Published in 1988 (2nd edition), and currently out of print, this volume provides a great deal of specific information on the vascular plants of Arkansas. A subset of that is provided here as background for the diversity/distribution mapping system...An experimental informatics system under development as a collaborative enterprise among faculty and students of the University of Arkansas Herbarium, the Biota of North America Program and the Texas A&M Bioinformatics Working Group"

ARS Genome Database Resource
" primarily a site for communication of Plant Genome data among scientists worldwide. The medium is a set of genome databases, similar to the ones for Human genome mapping and sequencing. They include data about : plant genes, chromosome maps, DNA fingerprints, beneficial traits, and crop varieties that possess those traits. The information is contributed by the scientists who discover it, and integrated into coherent databases by teams of scientific experts in each crop."

The Art of Botanical Illustration
An Exhibition in Special Collection, The University of Delaware
"...highlights selections from the University of Delaware's Special Collections which show the development of botanical illustration from early printed books to the present day. The primary goal of botanical illustration is not art, but scientific accuracy. It must portray a plant with the precision and level of detail for it to be recognized and distinguished from another species."
Sections include: Herbals, Travel & Exploration ; Scientific Botany ; Women Artists ; Seed Catalogs ; Modern Botanicals.
Curated by Iris Snyder


Atlas of Plant Anatomy
Sections include: Cells & Tissues ; Reproductive Structures ; Roots ; Stems ; Apical Meristems ; Leaves.
By Paul J. Schulte, University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

BIFLORA Database of Plants
" a scientific database with information about the highly endangered plant species of the island of Hainan, P.R. China, first. As a part of the Indo-Burma region this island is considered to be one of the "biodiversity hotspots" of the world...BIFLORATM consists for the most part of the contributions of local scientists in China. Their work documents and helps to gain valuable knowledge about the fragile environment."


ChromDB - The Plant Chromatin Database
"...accurate and up-to-date information on the entire known complement of chromatin proteins in plants, including functions and molecular phylogenetic relationships, with initial emphasis on Arabidopsis and maize..."

Index to Plant Chromosome Numbers (IPCN)
"...aims to extract and index original plant chromosome numbers of naturally occurring and cultivated plants published throughout the world. A committee of voluntary contributing editors, located in various parts of the world, reviews sets of serial titles assigned to them and returns the information to the editors for collation in the Index."
Missouri Botanical Garden

INVADERS Database System
" a comprehensive database of exotic plant names and weed distribution records for five states in the northwestern United States. The spatial and temporal spread of weeds can be displayed using the historic distribution records in INVADERS. The INVADERS web site contains actual examples of how land management and weed regulatory agencies are using these data to improve their weed management programs. Noxious weed listings are provided for all US states and six southern tier Canadian provinces."
By Division of Biological Sciences, University of Montana

Safeguarding American Plant Resources
A safeguarding review by National Plant Board (NPB) at the request of the United States Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Plant Protection and Quarantine (USDA,APHIS,PPQ)

University of Florida - Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants
7000 pages of information and resources.
Sections include: Plant Information & Images ; Meetings and Books ; Prohibited Plant Laws and Lists ; Online Books & Articles ; Plant Manuals, Field Guides and Textbooks ; Biological Control Insects.

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