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Human Genome Project Information
"The HGP's ultimate goal is to discover all the more than 80,000
human genes and render them accessible for further biological
Provides a great overview of the project. Major sections include:
Research ; Education ; Medicine ; Ethical, Legal, Social Issues.

Blazing a Genetic Trail (English or Spanish)
"Families & Scientists Join in Seeking the Flawed Genes that Cause Disease"
Contents include: Stalking a Lethal Gene ; In Search of Large Families ; Reading the Human Blueprint ; Why So Many Errors in Our DNA? ; How Genetic Disorders Are Inherited ; How to Conquer a Genetic Disease ; Of Mice and Men ; Progress Continues.
- A Report from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Developmental Genome Anatomy Project (DGAP)
Objective: "To identify apparently balanced chromosomal rearrangements in patients with multiple congenital anomalies and then to use these chromosomal rearrangements to map and identify genes that are disrupted or dysregulated in critical stages of human development."

DNA Interactive
"This site is dedicated to the moment on February 1953, when Jim Watson and Francis Crick discovered the double-helical structure of DNA - and to the scientists who breathed life into that structure."
Sections include: Timeline ; Code ; Manipulation ; Genome ; Applications ; Chronicle.
- The Dolan DNA Learning Center, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory


DRAGON Database
Database Referencing of Array Genes ONline
"...can rapidly supply information pertaining to a range of the biological characteristics of a majority of the genes in any microarray data set. The subsequent inclusion of this information during the analysis of microarray data allows for deeper insight into gene expression patterns.
Developed by Christopher Bouton and George W. Henry in the Laboratory of Dr. Jonathan Pevsner, Kennedy Krieger Institute.

The Genome Database (GDB)
An international collaboration in support of the Human Genome Project

"Genome Issue: A Genome Sampler"
Science, Vol. 282, No. 5389, Oct. 23, 1998

Genomics and Its Impact on Medicine and Society: A 2001 Primer
Human Genome Program, U.S. Dept. of Energy

Human Genome Acronym List

Human Genome Resources
National Center for Biotechnology Information

Human Plasma Membrane Receptome (HPMR)
"The Human Plasma Membrane Receptome (HPMR) is dedicated to studies on plasma membrane receptors in the human genome, combining text-based and sequence-based search tools. The web site categorizes major groups of human plasma membrane receptors based on protein sequences, evolutionary relationships, and published literature."

International HapMap Project (English, French or Yoruba)
"The goal of the International HapMap Project is to develop a haplotype map of the human genome, the HapMap, which will describe the common patterns of human DNA sequence variation. The HapMap is expected to be a key resource for researchers to use to find genes affecting health, disease, and responses to drugs and environmental factors."

Medical Genetics and Rare Disorders
From CHID online
"The National Human Genome Research Institute and the NIH Office of Rare Diseases - (dead link) jointly produce the Medical Genetics and Rare Disorders subfile to provide online information about molecular medicine (genetic testing and gene therapy), inherited disorders, and rare disorders, as well as the ethical, legal, and social implications of genetics technologies on privacy, delivery of genetics services, and health care policy. A key purpose of the subfile is to consolidate genetic and rare disorder resources from across medical specialities into a single source."


TIGR - The Institute for Genomic Research
Sections include: Beginner ("lay people and school students") ; Intermediate ("A-level") ; Advanced ("undergraduate") ; News & Forum ; Links.

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