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Australian War Memorial

Brisbane's Living Heritage
"...a discovery guide, is produced by Brisbane City Council and Brisbane's Living Heritage Network, financially assisted by the Queensland Community Assistance Program of Centenary of Federation Queensland and supported by 4BC Talk Radio.
The web site has handy maps and suggested tours to help visitors get
to the 31 Brisbane museums in the network."

Institute of Modern Art

National Museum of Australia


Queensland Museum

Australian Aboriginal Cultures Gallery
"Through the millennia Aboriginal people have developed a unique way of life: creative, innovative and adaptable to the diverse circumstances of the tremendously variable Australian environment. The South Australian Museumís collections tell the story of this way of life and its achievements."

  • The Big Canvas - painting Cockatoo Creek
    "At Cockatoo Creek in 1931, anthropologists from this Museum and the University of Adelaide met Warlpiri and Anmatyerre people for the first time.This painting commemorates that meeting."
  • Ngurunderi - An Aboriginal Dreaming
    "This exhibition describes the culture of the Ngarrindjeri people of the Lower Murray River and Coorong areas of South Australia. Their environment was rich with animals, plants and aquatic resources and the Ngarrindjeri groups were consequently less nomadic than Aborigines of the inland. A wide range of material culture items - wooden artefacts and basketry in particular - reflected this more sedentary lifestyle."
  • The Wandering Artist: Augustus Earle's Travels Around the World 1820-29
    Online exhibit from the National Library of Australia

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