Arts & Design Degree Programs

An online degree program in the area of arts and design can help you attain the necessary tools for a successful career in this creative industry. Comprising elements of digital and traditional arts styles, the arts and design degree program is designed to help aspiring art directors, craft artists, and other creative roles come to terms with the administrative and creative rigors of the industry. Online arts and design courses help you reach your academic goals, while fitting comfortably within your schedule. Students who successfully attain degrees in arts and design have a wide selection of employment opportunities available in today's job market.

Arts & Design Degree Programs

Arts & Design FAQs

What Are the Educational Requirements for a Career in Arts and Design?

Most entry-level jobs in the arts and design field require at the minimum, a bachelor's degree. Some jobs, like those in graphic design, do have opportunities for those with an associate's degree. However, these jobs are commonly assistant positions. In addition, all individuals looking for a career in arts and design should have a working knowledge of the latest computer software programs in their particular field of interest.

Who Is an Ideal Candidate for an Online Arts and Design Degree Program?

To work in the industry, one must have a creative edge complimented by a keen eye for detail. In addition, one should have excellent communication skills, the ability to solve problems and be open to criticism and comments from clients.

What Can I do with a Degree in Arts and Design?

Students who graduate with a degree in arts and design can choose from a number of industries in which to work. Graduates can enter the fashion industry, graphic design, film and television, interior design, architecture and other fields.

While taking online courses for your degree in arts and design, you will choose an area of expertise. This will include an undergraduate program in your chosen specialty. Approximately 25 percent of individuals entering the arts and design field choose to work as independent freelancers.

What Is the Job Outlook for Arts and Design?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, the occupational forecast for arts and design is relatively high. Due to the high demand in the advertising and marketing arena, graphic designers, artists, illustrators and art designers are needed to meet the expectations of this growing industry.

Why Would Someone Enroll into an Online Arts and Design Degree Program?

People who choose to work in the arts and design sector are exceptionally creative. However, many currently don't have the opportunity to allow their creativity to flow. They may have full-time jobs or family responsibilities that prevent them from taking on a full schedule of classes at a college or university.

Online degree programs enable these individuals to get the same quality education, but a pace that falls in line with their own schedules. Students can take classes at night. Homework assignments and tests can be taken over the weekend or whenever the student has the time to take them. Whether you are looking to further an existing career, change career paths or simply enhance your education, online arts and design classes can help you reach your goals.

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