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"The purpose of all the American literature pages is to provide useful, interesting, commercial-free information on the subject and to provide links to the best information available for American literature from the earliest days through the 1920s. For each author page, I try to provide links to all available works on the web, except when these have been gathered by some major site (such as U C Berkeley's site on Jack London.) Most author pages have bibliographies and some additional information. The Timeline pages provide brief statements (as factually correct as possible) about events in American history and literary history."
A wonderfully complete site by Donna M. Campbell, Dept. of English, Gonzaga University

American Transcendentalism Web
"This interlinked hypertext was initiated in Spring 1999 by Virginia Commonwealth University graduate students studying in Professor Ann Woodlief's class in Studies in American Transcendentalism. It is a work in progress, and submissions of papers, texts and notes on them, and links are gladly welcomed..."
Sections include: Authors & Texts ; Roots & Influences ; Ideas & Thought ; Criticism ; Resources & Bibliographies ; Communication Center.

C-Span American Writers: Journey Through History
" American history series that looks at the lives and works of selected American writers who have chronicled, reflected upon, or influenced the course of our nation."
Sections include: Founding to Revolution ; The Young Nation ; Slavery & the Civil War ; Rebuilding American & the Gilded Age ; Progressive Era & Reaction.

Eighteenth Century Resources -- Literature
Includes an extensive collection of E-texts and other Web resources
Maintained by Jack Lynch

English Language and Literature Resources
Maintained by Judy Reynolds, San Jose State University Library

The EServer
" a unique website where 226 scholars, readers, artists and writers gather to share and discuss their works...The EServer (founded in 1990 as the English Server) attempts to provide an alternative niche for quality work. We offer 42 collections on such diverse topics as contemporary art, race, Internet studies, sexuality, drama, design, multimedia, accessible publishing and current political and social issues. In addition to written works, we publish hypertext, audio and even video recordings. Our collections grow as we welcome new contributions, and as we teach new members how to publish works to the Web and to the million or so readers who visit our site per week."
University of Washington

George Kelly Paperback and Pulp Fiction Collection
Description of their print collection.
"The George Kelley Paperback and Pulp Fiction Collection is comprised of well over 25,000 pulp-fiction books and magazines. The earliest date from the 1940s. The Collection contains hundreds of paperbacks from this period, and thousands from the 1950s and 1960s."
Lockwood Memorial Library, University at Buffalo

Internet Book Information Center (IBIC)
"A personal, selective, opinionated guide to books and to book-related resources on the Internet by W. Frederick Zimmerman."

Indigenous Peoples' Literature

Literary Resources on the Net
"This set of pages is a collection of links to sites on the Internet dealing especially with English and American literature, excluding most single electronic texts, and is limited to collections of information useful to academics -- I've excluded most poetry journals, for instance."
By Jack Lynch, Rutgers

LitSite : The Literary Community of Alaska
"...a Web magazine devoted to literary arts and literacy throughout Alaska. LitSite is a gathering place for readers and writers of all ages to share their writing and reading experiences. Promoting community, family, and cultural and educational values through literacy, LitSite Alaska is a platform for partnerships among Alaska libraries, schools, families, and communities."

The Mississippi Writers Page
" a multi-faceted Internet Resource about writers in, from, or otherwise associated with the state of Mississippi. Presented by the Department of English at the University of Mississippi, it is designed both as an introduction to the diversity of literary talent in Mississippi and (we hope) as a source of accurate and timely information for the serious literary scholar...The heart of this web site are the Writer Listings, a collection of articles on each author detailing biographical information, a comprehensive list of published titles, various awards and honors, and a selected bibliography of additional resources. Also included are relevant World Wide Web links to other information sources on the Internet"

PAL: Perspectives in American Literature - A Research and Reference Guide
"With nearly 300 pages, including over 240 author pages, this site is a significant presence in American literature on the web. It has been found useful by readers around the world. It is a research and reference tool; instead of being a term paper factory, it provides students leads to do their own research and suggests themes and ideas to write their own papers. This site is particularly useful for those who have no or limited access to university libraries and databases."
By Paul P. Reuben, Prof. of English, California State University, Stanislaus


Twentieth-century Authors
Biographical and Bibliographical Information is just a Click Away
"This column contains selected Web sites that cover English-language authors who are currently prominent or who flourished sometime in the 20th century.1 It will focus primarily on biographical and bibliographic information, with some information on literary criticism. While some primary texts from the early 20th century are available online, they were considered outside the scope of this column...
Most of the sites included are housed at academic institutions and are maintained by individual professors."
By Michelle Mach, Librarian, Colorado State University and Cynthia D. Shirkey, Librarian, Dartmouth University
Online version of article from College & Research Libraries News, December 1999

Voices From the Gaps
" a World Wide Web project that focuses on the lives and works of women writers of color in the United States and Canada...In addition to the multiply-indexed author pages, which comprise the heart of this website, there is an online Discussion Room to facilitate a conversation about topics relevant to this field of study as well as a list of Related Sites on the World Wide Web which points to general (i.e., not particular to a single author) Web resources that relate to the study of women writers of color."
Dept. of English and the Program in American Studies at the University of Minnesota

WWW Resources for English and American Literature
- Indiana University Bloomington Libraries

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