Direct Patient Care with Practical Nursing Degrees

A career in practical nursing can be desirable because of the competitive pay, the flexible scheduling, and the demand for licensed practical nurses (LPN), or registered nurses (RN).
Online nursing programs offer a convenient and affordable way to obtain a nursing degree. The difference between an LPN and an RN is:

  • An LPN usually requires less schooling (one year for a diploma).
  • An RN is can be a two year program culminating in an associate's degree or a four year bachelor of arts or science degree.

The job of an LPN includes direct patient care in doctor's offices, nursing homes, and in-home care. While being supervised by an RN or a doctor, an LPN can take vitals, change dressings and administer medication.
An RN takes on a broader scope in patient care. They develop and implement patient care plans and assign and manage tasks given to LPN's.
The curriculum of any nursing designation is rigorous and encompasses in-class and clinical field work.

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