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*See also Native American Studies - Religions & Spirituality ; Religions in America *

Promised Land: Western Religious History
"Under Mission Churches you will find links to information about Spanish-American Missions. Under Mormons, you will find links to sites dealing with various issues in Mormon history. Under Native Americans, there are links to sites about Native American religious beliefs. The Other Religions category contains links to sites on other religions which do not fall into the other categories, as well as general American religion links. Finally, under Images, you will find some images of Western religious history."

Native American Spirituality
A brief introduction from the Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance Page

Bloom Southwest Jewish Archives - (dead link)
University of Arizona Library. The Bloom Southwest Jewish Archives at the University of Arizona Library is a research collection dedicated to collecting and recording the dramatic history of pioneer Jews in the Desert Southwest, covering Arizona, New Mexico, and West Texas. It is a repository for major collections of primary materials on Jewish families from these areas -- including the Fred and Harriet Rochlin Collection and Rabbi Floyd Fierman Collection. The Bloom Archives has family histories, original memoirs and historic photographs"

Southwest Jewish History - (dead link)

Dallas Virtual Jewish Community Center

Institute for the Study of American Evangelicals
Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois
"The Institute was established to encourage and support research on evangelical Christianity in the United States and Canada. Located at Wheaton College in Wheaton, IL, the ISAE seeks to help evangelicals develop a mature understanding of their own heritage and to inform others about evangelicals' historical significance and contemporary role."
Includes sections on their current projects, highlights from Evangelical Studies Bulletin, and links to other resources
Maintained by Jennifer House

The North Star: A Journal of African American Religious History
"...will provide information on events, new publications, research collections, and other resources in the field of African-American religious future issues, we will present peer-reviewed articles based on historical research that explore the religious cultures of people of African descent in the United States."

Unpacking on the Prairie: Jewish Women in the Upper Midwest
"This site explores Jewish womenís experiences in unpacking, rearranging, and remodeling their heritage in the Upper Midwest. It also relates how their female descendants redefined that legacy in order to create a more egalitarian community...Learn about Jewish women and the things that they carried, preserved, and changed in the new place they came to call home."
Sections include: The Journey ; Life Inside the Jewish Home ; Life Outside the Jewish Home.
From the Jewish Historical Society of the Upper Midwest

California Missions
Maps, descriptions and video on each of the 21 missions

California Missions Interactive
An Internet Field Trip
History of California's 21 missions
Maintained by Brian Wood

California Mission Studies Association
"The site offers Annotated Links, a Mission Directory, mission research in Keepsake Publications and a sampling of full text articles from the CMSA Newsletter archives, all eventually coming online."

Franciscan Missions of California - Photographs, ca. 1876-1882 - (dead link)
35 prints by Carleton E. Watkins in the Bancroft Library Collection, U.C. Berkeley. Part of the Berkeley Digital Library Project

Mission Churches of the Sonoran Desert - (dead link)
Included are 9 mission churches: Caborca, CocÛspera, Magdalena, Oquitoa, Pitiquito, San Ignacio, San Xavier, Tubutama and Tumacacori.
"These slides, taken over a period of twenty years by James S. Griffith, a folklorist living in southern Arizona, show the major mission sites in the old PimerÌa Alta that can be visited today."

"In the Midst of a Loneliness"
The Architectural History of the Salinas Missions
Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument Historic Structures Report.
Southwest Cultural Resources Center, Professional Papers No. 15., National Park Service.
By James E. Ivey, 1988

Virtual Reality Panoramas of the California Missions
From Virtual Guidebooks

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints [The Mormons]
Official Home Page. Contains 'basic media information,' conference proceedings, Gospel Library and history.

  • Scriptures - Internet Edition
    Includes: Old Testament ; New Testament ; Book of Mormon ; Doctrine and Covenants ; Pearl of Great Price ; Study Helps ; Additional Helps.

Mormon Church History
Includes a chronology of federal legislation on polygamy
Written or compiled by Perry L. Porter

Mormon History Resource Page - (dead link)
A very well organized page including an extensive collection of diaries/journals and biographies
Dave Crockett

The Mormon Pioneer Story
By Max Bertola

Trails to Utah and the Pacific: Diaries and Letters, 1846-1749
"...incorporates 49 diaries, in 59 volumes, of pioneers trekking westward across America to Utah, Montana, and the Pacific between 1847 and the meeting of the rails in 1749. In addition to the diaries, the collection includes 43 maps, 82 photographs and illustrations, and 7 published guides for immigrants...The collection tells the stories of Mormon pioneer families and others who were part of the national westering movement, sharing trail experiences common to hundreds of thousands of westward migrants
- American Memory, Library of Congress

*See also Native American Studies - Religions & Spirituality ; Religions in America

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