Helping Others With Their Big Day: Wedding Planning Courses

Would you enjoy helping couples to plan one of the most special days of their life? Do you love being organized and have no problem paying close attention to details? If this sounds like you then a career as a wedding planner is definitely something to consider. While there are no formal educational requirements to work in this field, it can help you do your job better and rise above the competition if you do complete relevant courses. Doing so can give you the business sense to help you succeed as well as the knowledge to operate more efficiently within this competitive industry.

Wedding Planning Course Info

Certificate In Wedding Planning

Completing a certificate in wedding planning will allow you to be considered a certified wedding consultant. Completing this type of course will provide you with all the knowledge you need to enter the field of wedding planning. During the course you will be taught about all the aspects that goes into planning a successful wedding, from the research and design to the planning, producing and evaluation of the big day. Most courses in wedding planning will also educate you with essential information about wedding protocols and customs, such as ethnic and religious traditions.

Many wedding planning courses also teach you the skills required to go into business for yourself as an independent wedding planner. As part of your course you might be required to prepare a staging guide or complete a comprehensive exam that covers all your course material. While not necessary, a major in business, communications, public relations or marketing can also be beneficial if you plan on becoming a wedding planner.

Wedding Planning Course FAQ

Can I Complete A Wedding Planning Course Online?

It is entirely possible to complete a wedding planning course online without the need to attend any workshops. Completing this type of course in an online format is also flexible enough that it can be done in as little as three months, depending on where you study. During most online courses you will receive support from both tutors as well as other students. Be sure to look for a certificate that provides you with a qualification as wedding planner that is industry, nationally and internationally recognized if possible.

Who Are The Ideal Candidates To Enroll In An Online Wedding Planning Course?

One of the most important qualities you can have to be a successful wedding planner is to be detail oriented. You will need to be able to keep track of all the details related to a wedding, so having a sharp eye and a penchant for checking things twice will be very beneficial. You also need a lot of imagination to successful plan weddings, so it pays to be creative. Since you will be dealing with everyone from the bride and groom to the various vendors, it is important that you have good communication skills. Bear in mind that you will have to be the voice of calm and reason during the stressful planning process, so being pleasant and cooperative will help to keep everything running smoothly. Because wedding planners often work independently and during non-traditional hours, it will be to your benefit if you are very self-motivated. Finally, one of the aspects of wedding planning that is often overlooked is how much physical labor can be required, so it certainly helps to be physically fit.

What Will My Duties Be As A Wedding Planner?

As a wedding planner, you typically have to deal with all the logistics related to the big event. These can include anything from contract negotiations and vendor payments to vendor referrals, venue scouting, event budgeting and much more. The biggest part of your job is planning everything in such a way that the wedding is as smooth and seamless as possible. In addition to handling the logistics it will also be your responsibility to keep track of the budget. While wedding designers usually deal with the creative specifics of the wedding day, it could also be part of your duties if no other professional is hired. As a wedding planner, you will be the person who will be the most involved in the wedding, so you may even have to offer emotional support to the bride and groom as you help them through the whole process.

What Will My Income Potential Be As A Wedding Planner?

The salaries earned by wedding planners can vary drastically depending on a couple of reasons. For example, when working for yourself the number of years that you are in business will have an impact on how profitable your business is. This is why some people choose to operate as wedding planners on a part-time basis until it becomes profitable. Your location is another important factor as wedding planners in big cities like New York and Los Angeles can earn a lot more than those in rural areas or places that are not popular wedding destinations. In addition, the types of services offered can also determine your income potential. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the 2015 median pay for meeting, convention and event planners was about $46,840 per year. lists the salary range for wedding planners as between $24,508 and $75,266.

What Other Advantages Are There To Completing A Wedding Planning Course?

Working as a wedding planner is a very rewarding career path as it is built around events filled with happiness and celebration. In addition to launching your own wedding planning business, the knowledge you acquire during a wedding planning course will also help to make you a desirable candidate for positions with hotels, private venues or wineries that have wedding and special event departments. Other service providers in the industry, such as rental and entertainment companies are also often in need of sales directors with wedding planning experience. The knowledge and experience you gain will also be helpful in any industry that requires event planning and can be applied to any type of celebration planning, such as engagement parties, birthdays and christenings.

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