Get Your Game On: Video Game Development/Design Degree

Do you love playing video games? If so, then you should consider a career in video game development and design. There are many online courses specializing in video game development and design that can provide you with the education you need to break into this creative and exciting industry. Encompassing elements of creative writing, graphic design and web development, the curriculum covers a wide cross section of skills designed to each individual’s interest. Today, computer and console games are some of the most popular forms of entertainment. The industry takes in billions of dollars in revenue each year. This fact places game designers who can exhibit a great amount of talent and creativity in very high demand.

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Video Game Development and Design Degree FAQs

Do I Need a Degree to Become a Video Game Designer?

Having a degree can definitely help you find employment in the video game sector. In most cases, these students will concentrate heavily on computer sciences, English and art. Most video game designers usually start their careers as a game programmers, artists, producers or testers. In this industry, experience is one of the most important aspects of a job applicant's resume next to a degree in video game development and design.

What Other Skills Are Required to Be a Video Game Designer?

The ideal video game designer can listen and communicate effectively, will have solid technical skills like computer programming and software design and needs to be good at managing projects and personnel. Designers also need to have excellent creative writing abilities and the capability to persuade others. For these reasons, many online video game development and design courses include liberal arts classes, such as creative writing, theater, English and others.

What Can I Do with a Video Game Developer and Designer Degree?

Since the video game sector is a relatively new one, the U.S. Bureau of Labor does not currently have data available concerning the future job forecast for designers. However, with the market emerging as one of the leading forms of entertainment, game development and design is not an area that will experience any losses either. Today, there are many avenues for game designers to get their games in front of players, from console and computer games to online games, arcades and games for mobile phones.

What Is the Salary with a Video Game Developer and Designer Degree?

This is a very broad area, as each design firm places different responsibilities on designers. Some of the best video game designers in the world make upwards of $300,000, but plenty of others earn significantly less. The average income according to one poll places video game designers at around $61,400 per year.

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