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Primary Documents

Abraham Lincoln Papers at the Library of Congress
"...consists of approximately 20,000 documents. The collection is organized into three "General Correspondence" series which include incoming and outgoing correspondence and enclosures, drafts of speeches, and notes and printed material. Most of the 20,000 items are from the 1850s through Lincoln's presidential years, 1740-65.... In its online presentation, the Abraham Lincoln Papers comprises approximately 61,000 images and 10,000 transcriptions."
- American Memory, Library of Congress

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum

Abraham Lincoln
A collection of historical documents and other Internet resources.
The Internet Public Library

Abraham Lincoln Association

Abraham Lincoln Online
"...a clearinghouse of information about this fascinating historical figure, offering selected speeches and writings, and news of Lincoln studies and events.

Assassination of President Lincoln And the Trial of the Assassins
Gen. Henry L. Burnett's Memories of the Lincoln Assassination Trial

Brown University Library Digital Collections

  • Abraham Lincoln
    "The Lincoln collection include song sheets, political sheets, ballots, and posters as well as 27 of the 52 printed editions of the Emancipation Proclamation. There is also a selection of newspapers for 1860-1865."

Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln - (dead link)
"...the first major scholarly effort to collect and publish the complete writings of Abraham Lincoln, and the edition has remained an invaluable resource to Lincoln scholars. Through the efforts of the Abraham Lincoln Association, the edition is now available in electronic form."

Ford's Theatre National Historic Site

History Now (ejournal)
Each themed issue contains lesson plans and much more.
- The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History

Lincoln - Douglas Debates of 1858

Abraham Lincoln Historical Digitization Project
"Lincoln/Net presents historical materials from Abraham Lincoln's Illinois years (1830-1861), including Lincoln's writings and speeches, as well as other materials illuminating antebellum Illinois... presents a large multimedia database of primary source materials illustrating life in antebellum Illinois. In addition, Lincoln/Net offers comprehensive interpretive materials including discussions of eight historical themes and an online Lincoln biography."
- Northern Illinois University

PBS - American Experience - The Time of the Lincolns (January 2004)
"A companion to the film Abraham and Mary Lincoln: A House Divided, produced and directed by David Grubin...offer insights into topics in American history including women's rights, slavery, abolition, politics and partisanship, the growth of the industrial economy, and the Civil War."
Sections include: Partisan Politics ; Slavery & Freedom ; A Rising Nation ; Americans at War ; A Woman's World ; Teacher's Guide ; Maps ; Foot Soldiers ; Virtual Tour [slave cabin and examine the conditions of slavery].

Surratt House Museum

"We'll Sing to Abe Our Song": Sheet Music about Lincoln, Emancipation, and the Civil War
From the Alfred Whital Stern Collection of Lincolniana
"includes more than two hundred sheet-music compositions that represent Lincoln and the war as reflected in popular music. The collection spans the years from Lincoln's presidential campaign in 1859 through the centenary of Lincoln's birth in 1909."
- American Memory, Library of Congress

Wet with Blood
An online exhibit from the Chicago Historical Society.

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