Help Assist With The Education of The Next Generation: Teacher Assisting Degree

Do you love children, have a passion for their well-being and would like to make a real difference in their lives? Does working with children and assisting them with their eduction as well as intellectual growth sounds like a dream job? If so, you can begin to make this dream a reality by enrolling in a teacher assisting program that can help to prepare you for this occupation. Earning this type of qualification isn’t just useful for working as a teacher’s assistant, but can also be a great first step towards becoming a teacher yourself eventually.

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Teacher Assisting Degree Information

Teacher Assisting Training Certificate

Training programs covering teaching assisting usually covers topics such as the roles and responsibilities of teacher assistants, developing instructional skills, testing and evaluative materials as well as school policies and procedures. Other topics that are usually taught are safety and emergency procedures, utilizing a plan book and behavior and classroom management and instructional strategies. When completing this type of program in an online format it can typically be done in as little as three months. Some online programs also feature a work experience option that allows you to get practical experience in the field. To apply for a certificate program in this field you typically only need a high school diploma or GED.

Associate Degree in Paraprofessional

While a training certificate is sufficient for many schools, there are some that require you to have at least an associate’s degree before working as a teacher’s assistant. A paraprofessional associate degree can help to prepare you for working with pre-school, elementary as well as middle school students. The thorough background in provides you in education can also be a great start towards getting a bachelor’s degree later in the field of education. This is because often the credits earned during this type of course transfers to colleges and universities that offer four year bachelor’s programs. Typical course topics include child development, childhood literacy, classroom management, educational psychology and earning your degree usually takes about two years.

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Teacher Assisting Degree FAQ

Are There Any Teacher Assistant Training Programs Available Online?

If you would like to study to become a teacher assistant, but your daily life is too hectic to attend campus classes you can still enroll in an online program. Doing so enables you to study from the comfort of your own at a pace that fits your schedule. Content is typically delivered via interactive lessons that are available online, although you can still receive academic support by phone or email if needed. Tuition for online classes tend to be a little more affordable than alternative options. One thing to bear in mind is that there are certain requirements in terms of training and licensing that may be required depending on your state when pursuing a career in this field. First check with the relevant licensing board to determine what the requirements are for your state and whether the online program you are interested in can fulfill these.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate To Work In This Field?

Since you will be working with children it is vital that you actually like being around kids if you want to be successful at this type of job. You must be comfortable as well as understanding of children from diverse backgrounds and be compassionate. The ability to follow instructions is important and it is obviously also a job where patience really is a virtue. Your written and oral communication skills must be excellent, which is why it is a career field where being bilingual can be very beneficial. Since the job can also involve a lot of bending or minor lifting it helps to be physically fit. Creativity is a big plus as engaging young children sometimes requires some out of the box thinking. Finally, while it is not a requirement at all schools, it can still count in your favor if you are certified in the use of first aid.

What Type of Work Environment Is Typical For This Industry?

When working as a teacher assistant you might most commonly work in either public or private schools. Teacher assistants also sometimes work at childcare centers as well as for religious organizations.

What Are The Median Salaries and Job Outlooks For Teacher Assistants?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that during 2019 the median pay for teacher assistants was about $27,920 per year. They also predict the employment growth for the occupation to be about six percent from now until 2024, matching the average for all other occupations. This expected growth is due to an increase in the classroom size and student enrollment as well as the demand for special education services continuing. When working as a teaching assistant you might also be able to advance your career to other teaching positions. In some cases you might even be able to take advantage of benefits such as tuition reimbursement from your employer when pursuing further certification in the field of teaching.

What Type of Duties Can I Expect As A Teacher Assistant?

When working in this field one of your primary duties is typically to ensure that classes run smoothly. This is usually done by reporting directly to a lead teacher and taking on the responsibility of common classroom tasks. The job involves a lot of clerical duties, such as the grading of tests or homework, taking attendance as well as other record keeping duties. You might also be required to monitor the behavior of students, whether it is in the cafeteria and hallways or playground and on school trips. In many cases the additional instructional assistance required by special needs students will also fall under your responsibilities. Other common tasks include the setting up of equipment or preparing materials required for lessons provided by the lead teacher.

What Are The Other Advantages To Studying Teacher Assisting?

Becoming a teacher assistant can be a great stepping stone to gaining valuable experience before going on to become a teacher with further study. It is also a very rewarding field as you work with children on a daily basis and make a significant impact on their lives by assisting them in developing to their fullest potential.

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