Making The Travel & Tourism Industry Better For Everyone Involved: Sustainable Tourism

Would you love a career in the tourism industry, but also assist with making it to be more sustainable? Do you care about the economic, socio-cultural as well as environmental impact that tourism has on locations? If so, then a degree in sustainable tourism can help you to make a positive impact on the tourism industry. In this day and age, there are more options open to travelers and tourists than ever before, but with it also comes a greater risk of harming both natural and cultural treasures. By studying sustainable tourism and then applying the practices to the tourism industry, you can play a big role in insuring that these treasures will still be around for future generations to enjoy. Tourists are also becoming more aware of the huge impact that their actions can have on the places they visit, which is why many choose to support companies that strive for sustainable tourism. This also means that there is a demand for people with degrees in sustainable tourism who can help guide these companies in their mission to not only improve the local economy of tourist spots, but also causing no harm to the heritage and environment in the process.

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Sustainable Tourism Degree Information

Graduate Certificate In Sustainable Tourism

The graduate certificate in sustainable tourism is an online program that takes a total of 18 credit hours to complete. It is aimed at professionals who are already working in the tourism industry or who would like to change their career paths in order to do so. Required courses for this certificate may include Sustainable Thinking in Tourism, Sustainable Tourism Destination Planning and Management, and Sustainable Tourism. Students can typically also choose from an elective, such as Managing the Sustainable Tourism Business or Sustainable Food Management in Tourism. In order to qualify for this type of program, students must have already earned a bachelor’s or master’s degree from a regionally accredited institution.

Master of Sustainable Tourism

The Master of Sustainable Tourism is an online degree option that takes a total of 31 credit hours to complete. The focus of this degree is on the social, environmental and economic aspects of tourism. Core courses for this type of degree may include Advanced Tourism and Recreation Studies, Sustainable Thinking in Tourism, Sustainable Tourism Destination Planning and Management, Sustainable Food Management in Tourism, Sustainable Tourism, and Managing the Sustainable Tourism Business. In order to be eligible to apply to this program, applicants must generally already have earned a relevant bachelor’s or masters degree.

Master of Business Administration in Sustainable Tourism

The Master of Business Administration in Sustainable Tourism is a degree program that is aimed at students who would like to achieve their MBA, but who are also interested in tourism, ecology, and sustainability. It is a dual degree program and the 42-semester credit online program can be completed in 20 months of full-time study. Courses may include Trends in Tourism, Human Capital Management, Social Tourism, Strategic Planning, Tourism Ecosystem, Management of Tourist Attraction, and Building High Performance Teams.

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Sustainable Tourism Degree FAQ

Is It Possible To Earn A Degree In Sustainable Tourism Online?

There are a number of sustainable tourism degrees available that are 100% online and that has the same recognition as their on-campus program counterparts. Studying this type of degree online provides students with the flexibility to continue their studies without having to give up their existing jobs in the process. It is also a great option for students who are unable to attend a campus based program due to their location or obligations. In order to take part in an online program, students must have access to a computer or laptop with an internet connection. Coursework and lectures can then be viewed online and students can also communicate with their lecturers and peers using online methods, such as email or forums. Many institutions that offer online degree programs also provide special software to make the experience more interactive for students.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate To Study For This Type of Degree?

A degree in sustainable tourism is ideally suited to students who are not only passionate about the tourism industry, but also the environment. It will help a lot if you have good communication skills as well as a love for interacting with people from different types of backgrounds and cultures. You need to be able to motivate other people and have good problem solving skills if you want to thrive in the sustainable tourism industry. The ability to work under pressure will also be very beneficial, along with being patient.

What Type of Career Paths May Be Available With A Sustainable Tourism Degree?

The most obvious career path for students with a degree in sustainable tourism is to work directly in the tourism industry, but this is by no means the only option. Some graduates with this type of degree often go on to work in other diverse sectors as well, such as the finance science and education industries. Common career options include tour guides, travel agents, agricultural technicians, urban and regional planners, sustainability specialists, and more. Graduates with a master’s degree in sustainable tourism can go on to become historians, conservation scientists, work for federal and state government agencies, go into private consulting or fill faculty positions in academia. Other options range from industrial ecologists, to travel guide, lodging manager and chief sustainability officer.

How Much Can I Potentially Earn When Employed In This Field?

There are a lot of employment options for people with a degree in sustainable tourism, so your income potential will depend not only on the type of job you choose, but also your position and location. Salaries in this industry can be very diverse; for example, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for tour guides and escorts are $24,920, travel agents earn $40, 660, historians make about $63,680 and conservation scientists and foresters take home in the region of $62,410.

What Are The Other Advantages Of Studying Sustainable Tourism?

Tourism not only makes up a large percentage of the world’s total gross domestic product, but it is also responsible for a lot of jobs. However, tourism is no longer about just being economically profitable. Since tourism has also began to shift towards protecting the natural resources upon which the industry is built, there is a need for people with the skills and knowledge that is required to ensure it remains sustainable. With a degree in sustainable tourism, you will know how to best balance both environmental and business concerns in a way that both the economy and community can reap the benefits. The concepts of sustainability are also things that can be beneficial for any type of industry.

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