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"This site contains materials to help teach a Chance course. Chance is a quantitative literacy course...The goal of Chance is to make students more informed, critical readers of current news stories that use probability and statistics."
Dartmouth College

Teaching Statistics
Sections include: Course Pages ; Data Sets and Case Studies ; Electronic Textbooks ; Institutes and Centers ; Journals ; Jumpstations ; Papers and Presentations ; Societies ; Software.
JSS [Journal of Statistical Software] Bookmark Database
By Jan de Leeuw

Web Interface for Statistics Education (WISE)
Includes: Tutorials ; Glossaries ; Links ; On-Line Journals ; Statistics Applets.
Claremont College

WWW Resources for Teaching Statistics
Presented at Technology in Statistics Education: A One-Day Conference for Teachers of Statistics, March 28, 1998.
A little dated but still useful.
By Robin H. Lock, Mathematics Dept., St. Lawrence University

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