Become A Certified Quality Specialist: Six Sigma Certification

Would you like to find employment in just about any industry while assisting with improving quality and increasing efficiency? Do you enjoy working with statistical methods and verifiable data instead of having to rely on guesswork or assumptions? If so, obtaining Six Sigma certification can help to give you a competitive edge in the job market. Not only can certification improve your scope of knowledge, but you will also be able to bring valuable skills to any job, such as the ability to save time, resources and cost. Six Sigma is a process that is beneficial for many different industries and the skills you learn by becoming certified are always in high demand.

Six Sigma Certification Information

In total, there are four levels of certification for Six Sigma. These are graded by “belts” and begin with Yellow before moving on to Green, Black and Master Black. Yellow Belt is the most basic level of Six Sigma and obtaining this certification means you have enough understanding of the process to offer a supporting role. Green Belts on the other hand, tend to work more closely with Black Belts, particularly in areas of data collection. Six Sigma Black Belts tend to be project managers who spend all of their time on projects while Master Black Belts are highly trained professionals who others on the project turn to for help and assistance. Certification can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to complete, depending on the Belt level you choose. However, most places that offer the courses allow students up to a year’s time to complete.

Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certificate

Through Yellow Belt training, you gain insights to the techniques that are used for Six Sigma, along with its metrics. Students are also taught the basic improvement methodologies of Six Sigma and the basic tools that are used. Course topics may include Introduction to Six Sigma, Six Sigma Implementation Fundamentals, Recognizing Opportunity with Six Sigma, Data-Driven Management, Choosing the Right Projects and Tracking Six Sigma Project Results.

Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate

The Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate can help students to function as a specially trained team member who is able to work on carefully defined Six Sigma projects. Emphasis is often placed on the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) model of problem solving. Other topics covered by this course range from Process Behavior Charts and Measurement Systems to Project Management Using DMAIC.

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

The Six Sigma Black Belt Certification typically covers everything that you learn in both the Yellow and Green Belt programs along with additional topics such as Lean Six Sigma, Analyzing the Sources of Variation, Business Process Control Planning and Risk Assessment Tools.

Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification

Students who have successfully completed a Six Sigma Black Belt Certification and gained a certain amount of management experience can go on to complete a Master Black Belt Certification. Students are often also asked to submit additional Master Black Belt Projects as part of the certification process.

Six Sigma Certification FAQs

Who Is An Ideal Candidate To Study Six Sigma?

Anyone can study Six Sigma, but to get the most out of it, you should ideally be the type of person who enjoys employing rational and logic to your business decisions. It is also more appealing to people who have a knack for statistics and data. In addition, you should be goal oriented and be able to pay attention to detail. Furthermore, having excellent interpersonal skills and good management skills will also be invaluable for the industries where you may eventually find employment.

Can Six Sigma Certification Be Earned Online?

There are a variety of online courses in Six Sigma that is available for all of the Belts. These courses can be studied at your own pace, which makes them ideal for working professionals or students who are unable to attend campus classes due to other obligations. In addition to study text, online courses may also include other supplemental materials, such as animated slides, videos and pdfs that can help improve the learning experience. Students can typically also engage in asynchronous online discussion boards along with quizzes or online self-tests. When students are ready they can also take the exams online.

Where Might I Be Able To Find Employment After Becoming Six Sigma Certified?

Although becoming Six Sigma certified does not automatically guarantee you employment in any industry, it can help to give you the edge over other job seekers and make your CV stand out more. The skills you learn from Six Sigma is applicable to a number of different industries, ranging from healthcare and government to retail, finance and even hospitality. Any organization that deals with customer service, accounting, sales, operations and manufacturing can also benefit from the services of a Six Sigma Specialist.

How Much Can I Potentially Earn When Six Sigma Certified?

Once again, a Six Sigma Certification is not a guarantee for a specific salary, but can help you to increase your earning potential. How much money you make will depend on the industry where you are employed as well as what position you have within that industry. For example, people who are Six Sigma Black Belt Certified often work as operations managers, who earn about $122,090 annual, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.

What Are The Other Advantages To Studying Six Sigma?

The internationally recognized credentials that Six Sigma certification can add to your resume means that your skills will be in demand no matter where you go. This can help with the process of finding employment, but can also benefit those who are already employed. By mastering Six Sigma you’ll be able to better assist your employer with the efficiency of the company, which can make it easier to advance in the ranks. You’ll also gain better self confidence with the knowledge that are an expert in your field and the process of gaining certification can also help to improve your leadership skills, which is once again invaluable. The problem solving skills gained from Six Sigma Certification is useful for a lot of things as is the way in which it improves your attention to detail.

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