Protect Private Clients & Property: Security & Loss Prevention Services Degree

Do you have what it takes to protect people as well as property using your skills and knowledge? Would you like to provide your services to private clients or work in the fields of criminal justice, private investigations or even law enforcement? If so, then security and loss prevention services would make a good career path and getting a degree in this field can give you a big advantage over the competition. Since security is a big priority for virtually every industry, it is a field with a lot of opportunities. Some jobs in this sector will enable you to channel your inner James Bond as you covertly keep an eye on merchandise and monitor suspicious behavior. Others might require you to be a visible presence to deter anyone with criminal intentions from trying their luck.

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Security & Loss Prevention Services Degree Information

Associate of Arts in Security Management with a Certificate in Loss Prevention/Asset Protection

The AASEC-LP/AP degree program is aimed at teaching students what the best practices in areas such as emergency management and response as well as critical thinking in security management. Along with the core coursework, this type of degree usually also features courses such as introduction to security management, incident communication plans and systems, emergency management and response, corporate security essentials and loss prevention and asset protection.

Bachelor of Applied Science in Public Safety Management

The Bachelor of Applied Science in Public Safety Management is a two year degree program that is aimed at students who have already completed a relevant associates degree. Some of the core courses that are included in this program are private investigations, special security problems, risk management, security administration and hospital security management. In addition to the security and loss prevention track, students who study public safety management can also choose additional concentrations, such as criminal justice, emergency management and crime scene investigation. Completion of this degree will typically prepare students for various positions in the public safety area and careers as private security, security management analysts and loss control representatives.

Bachelor of Arts in Security Management

This type of degree, also known as loss prevention management, deals with teaching students about the theories and principles of security. Core requirements can include security and administration as well as physical security while concentrations range from risk management to retail asset protection and supply chain management.

Master of Arts in Security Management

When completing a Master of Arts in Security Management degree you typically obtain knowledge at an advanced level about asset protection, security management ethics and loss prevention management. In addition to these core requirements this type of degree usually also enables you to choose courses such as protective services, computer crime, security architecture and industrial espionage.

Certification And Licensing

Some of the career paths in security and loss prevention services require you to obtain licensing, which can include written examinations along with background checks. Additionally, if the work requires you to carry a weapon you will also have to attend special courses as well as take part in weapons safety exams. Licensing is usually required in most states for jobs such as armed security, private detectives and investigators.

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Security & Loss Prevention Services Degree FAQs

Can I Study This Course In An Online Format?

Obtaining a degree in this field, especially at a Masters level, is possible over the internet. Some degrees dealing with security and loss prevention services can also be done in a hybrid format that is partially online and partially at a campus location. Before enrolling in an online course it is import to first make sure that it adheres to all the proper accreditation requirements. Special programs, such as Blackboard, is popular for online learning as it provides a classroom interface where students are able to view videos, presentations and lectures while also participating in discussions via message boards or emails.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate To Earn This Type of Degree?

The most important thing to keep in mind before entering into the field of security and loss prevention services is that most of the career opportunities are only available to those who have passed strict background checks and screening. What this means is that you cannot study this major if you have a police record. Depending on the type of job you are interested in you will typically also be required to be strong, both physically and mentally. Alertness is another good trait to have in this industry as well as a sharp eye for detail and excellent communication skills. Of course it is vital that you have common sense and can exhibit good judgment. In addition, most of the jobs in this field require you to be able to follow directions clearly and adhere to guidelines and policies that are set in place by your employer in order to limit their liability. Since many jobs in this field require you to be on your foot for long periods, it will benefit you to have good stamina.

What Types of Careers Are Available In Security And Loss Prevention Services?

While it is a common perception that careers in security and loss prevention services require you to be armed and in harms way, this is not the case. In addition to career paths are slightly more dangerous, such as armed security guard, bodyguard and private detective there are also other jobs that are not in the direct line of fire. These include casino investigators, surveillance officers and loss prevention managers.

What Type Of Salary Can I Potentially Earn In This Field?

Since there are numerous jobs in security and loss prevention services, each with different degrees of danger, it stands to reason that the salaries can also vary dramatically. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, security guards and gaming surveillance officers earned a mean annual wage of $24,680 during 2015. Private detectives and investigators earned a median pay of $45,610 during the same year, while correctional officers and jailers earned about $40,530. Of course your experience and geographical location can also play a big role when it comes to earning potential.

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