From Your Imagination To Mass Media: Screenwriting Degree

Does the thought of making a living from your literary talent sound appealing? Would you enjoy creating scripts for mass media? With a degree in screenwriting, which is also known as scriptwriting, you could make your mark in this fascinating industry. A screenwriting degree is a great choice for creative people who are interested in being involved with television productions, feature films or even video games. Whether you are coming up with your own original ideas or commissioned to create a screenplay based on an existing idea, screenwriting can be very fulfilling if you are creative. A good screenplay is the backbone of any captivating film and with this type of degree along with a healthy dose of passion, your name could one day be mentioned in the same breath as the screenwriter greats.

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Screenwriting Degree Information

Bachelor of Arts in Digital Film With An Emphasis in Screenwriting

The Bachelor of Arts in Digital Film With An Emphasis in Screenwriting is a 120 credit program that can be done either online or on campus. The degree program is designed to introduce students to all of the major aspects that are involved with film and production, particularly the script and screenwriting. Students are also taught what is required to create screenplays from various forms of media. In addition to the general education requirements this type of degree also include a number of core courses. These may include Digital Video Production, Screenwriting, Visual Storytelling, Writing the Genre Film, Writing Meaningful Dialog and Adapting Media to Screenplays.

Master of Fine Arts in Professional Screenwriting

The Master of Fine Arts in Professional Screenwriting degree is for students who want to go beyond their bachelor’s degree and experience a more in-depth study of the medium. In addition to a more in-depth look at film, television and transmedia writing, students are also provided with a better understanding of how to market themselves and their work within the industry. To complete this degree students must complete the core requisites, an advanced focus elective track as well as a thesis sequence. Core courses may include Cinematic Writing, Screenwriting, Script Reading and Coverage, Character and Dialog, Dev-Prod Writing and The Business of Screenwriting. For the advanced focus tracks students may choose between screenwriting, television writing or transmedia writing.

Master of Arts in English & Creative Writing - Screenwriting

The Master’s in Screenwriting degree is an online degree program that offers an advanced look at writing for film and video. After completing this degree students will have developed their own screenplay and learned everything from character development to story structure and creative writing. By taking two courses per term, students may be able to complete their graduate degree in as few as fifteen months. Courses that commonly form part of this degree include Story and Concept, Screenwriting Fundamentals, and Studying the Craft. Completing a screenwriting thesis is typically also required for the completion of this degree.

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Screenwriting Degree FAQ

Is It Possible To Earn A Screenwriting Degree Online?

Due to the nature of screenwriting programs it is possible to complete the entire curriculum online instead of having to go to a campus. In addition to online screenwriting degree programs, there are also numerous online screenwriting workshops available for students who wishes to hone their skills. Screenwriting can also be done as a hybrid degree where a portion is completed online and the rest at a campus location. Studying online provides students with the flexibility as well as the convenience of completing their studies anywhere and at any time. Online courses are typically aimed at students who are already working professionals or have other obligations that make attending a campus based degree program difficult. In general, online degree programs also tend to be more affordable than their campus based counterparts.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate To Study Screenwriting?

A screenwriting degree can teach you a lot about the industry, but it is still very important to have some natural talent as well as plenty of creativity. It is also an industry where you must have a lot of patience and be able to deal with criticism in a mature manner. Since screenwriting is often a very collaborative effort, it is vital that you are able to work well with others and have good communication skills. Being passionate about the type of industry for which you want to write is obviously also a big advantage, but you should also be flexible enough to adapt to any situation. Critical-thinking skills is just as important along with determination. Finally, since screenwriting requires you to write material that is appealing to audiences, it helps to have good social perceptiveness.

What Are My Potential Career Options With A Screenwriting Degree?

A degree in screenwriting is useful for any job that revolves around films or television. Students with screenwriting degrees typically go on to work as screenwriters, television writers, filmmakers, film scripters or editors. Career opportunities for people with a screenwriting degree also exist in the corporate sector, such as advertising agencies, corporate film production agencies and other creative entities.

What Are Some of The Responsibilities Of A Screenwriter?

When employed as a screenwriter you are typically either responsible for creating an original script or adapting an existing story. The job usually consists of creating the characters as well as dialog and storyline of the movie script. The work done by a screenwriter is essential for the project as it provides the outline from which everyone involved with the project takes their direction. The process of screenwriting typically involves coming up with an idea, doing research and then planning the character development before putting everything into writing.

How Much Can I Potentially Earn When Employed As A Screenwriter?

Although the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics doesn’t have any specific salary information for screenwriters, they do indicate that the 2016 median pay for writers and authors is about $61,240 per year. Since screenwriters often work as freelancers, this figure can be much higher or much lower for them.

What Are The Other Advantages To Studying Screenwriting?

Apart from being part of a very creative process, being employed as a freelance screenwriter often also provides people with the freedom of working from anywhere that they have access to a computer. This type of degree offers people the opportunity to learn how to take the ideas in their head and turn it into something that is marketable.

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