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GPS Applications Exchange
" online information source on the diverse uses of GPS technology all over the world. GPS is a public information service used by both the public and private sectors of our global economy to improve productivity, increase safety and protect the environment. Sponsored by NASA and representatives of the GPS community the Applications Exchange includes GPS application stories that you can browse and view by application type or by country. You can also access these applications by regions using the map below. Use the pull-down menus on this page to learn about the innovative ways that GPS is being put to work."

MuSICA: Music & Science Information Computer Archive
"Data Base Contents: Scientific research (references & abstracts) on music as related to behavior, the brain and allied fields." Updated weekly. Also includes MuSICA Research Notes, "a newsletter issued Winter, Spring and Fall, that provides reports and critical analysis of research on music and behavior, including education, child development, psychology, cognitive sciences, neuroscience, clinical medicine, music therapy and allied fields."
Center for the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, University of California, Irvine

Nanotechnology Database
"This site is designed to present up-to-date sources of information on nanotechnology in the following areas: major research centers, funding agencies, major reports and books. Each component has been carefully reviewed and selected. This site is expected to grow with the continued support and updates from those organizations and individuals working in the field. The summaries which appear were taken directly from each of their respective sites.
International Technology Research Institute, Loyola College in Maryland
Locate Government Science and Technology Resources
"...the government site that provides the scientist, engineer, and technologist with easy, one-stop access to key U.S. Government resources. Thousands of web sites are being reviewed to select just those sites that will provide valuable links to government expertise, services, laboratories, information centers, and other important resources.
Managed by National Technical Information Service, U.S. Dept. of Commerce

U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)

Online Degree Information

Earn a degree online through an accredited online college or university. Search by subject or degree level (e.g. associate, bachelor, master or doctoral) to find the top online schools offering the best degree programs and courses. Request information about your preferred education options and learn about the benefits of distance learning and online education.

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