Managing The Business of Beauty: Salon Management Degree

Would you like to work in a salon, but find the management aspect just as interesting as the cosmetology side of things? If so, becoming qualified in salon management may help you to take charge of your future. It can help you to hone your natural leadership abilities and learn the skills required to run a salon efficiently. Increasing your knowledge of the business side of working at a salon, including hiring, supervision, professional standards and customer service to help you make a success of owning or operating a salon. It is the ideal type of course if you are a hairstylists, cosmetologists or other personal grooming specialists who want to take your career to the next level.

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Salon Management Degree Information

Courses in salon management are typically presented at a certificate or associate’s degree level.

Diploma of Salon Management

Diplomas in salon management can include core subjects such as HR policy, salon recruitment, salon marketing, customer service management and small business financial management. Some institutions that offer this course might also require students to participant in a set amount of work placement at a salon. When doing this course online you may be required to attend workshops at training locations as well. To study online you must have regular access to an internet connect computer that meets the minimum technical requirements of the course.

Salon Management Associate Degree

Courses such as an Associate of Applied Science in Salon Management can assist with preparing you for entry- or even mid-level management positions within the salon industry. These types of courses typically cover all the fundamentals of managing a salon and can include topics like business operations, project management, communication and more.

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Salon Management Degree FAQ

Can I Study Salon Management Online?

Because most salon management courses may require students to take a theory class, as well as salon class, it can be difficult to earn your certification solely by studying online. Assessment methods may include written assignments, video demonstrations, projects as well as portfolios of work. At a diploma level, there is usually no external examinations required and tutor support is generally available via email. Generally, all course materials can be accessed online and you may be able to submit all of your assignments online as well using your student account. Studying salon management online is perfect if you are already working in a salon environment and have the practical experience, but want to enhance your skills in order to move up to a management position.

Who Is The Ideal Candidate To Enroll In A Salon Management Course?

A love for working with people and a passion for the industry can obviously be a great advantage if you decide to enter the field of salon management. Because it is a career that requires you to be in charge of people it is also important to have excellent communication skills. Previous experience working as a hair stylist or other salon position will also be an advantage as it gives you good insider knowledge about the industry and will also help you to relate better to staff. In addition, it is the type of career where you must have good decision-making, organizational and problem-solving skills. Finally, the ability to listen to the needs of people and motivate them will help you to be a better manager.

What Are The Benefits of Studying Salon Management?

Salons have stood the test of time and continue to be popular places to visit for men and women. It is one of the few industries where the human touch cannot be replaced by computers or automation, so it offers better job security than other types of services. Modern salons continue to be at the cutting edge of cosmetology and provide a variety of services that cater to the fashion trends of its clientèle. Earning a degree in salon management means you can be a part of this exciting industry, but don’t have to depend on working for somebody else. Instead, you will be equipped with all the knowledge that you need to be in the manager’s seat and make a success of your own business.

What Are My Career Options With A Salon Management Degree?

With a salon management degree you are in the perfect position to own and operate your own salon. Alternatively, you can manage a salon that is owned by someone else. Other career options include spa director or spa manager.

What Will My Duties Be As A Salon Manager?

Your primary duties as a salon manager would be to operate it as efficiently as possible. This can include daily tasks such as handling customer service, providing employees with work schedules, overseeing personnel, hiring and firing of employees as well as ensuring that proper hygiene policies are being used at the salon. Depending on whether you are working for an owner or for yourself, you might also have to handle advertising campaigns, cosmetic merchandising, bookkeeping and record keeping. Of course, the most important part of your job will be ensuring that the salon or spa is making a profit. A salon manager who has the required experience may also have to fill in for staff who are absent or sick, depending on how busy the salon is.

How Much Does Salon Managers Typically Earn?

The income you can expect as a salon manager depends on a variety of factors. These can include the size of the salon, the number of staff members who you are managing, the location of the salon and the amount of experience you have. The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not have median pay information for salon managers, but indicate that barbers, hairdressers, and cosmetologists may earn up to $23,710 per year. According to, salon managers may earn an hourly rate between $9,41 and $17,64.

Other Advantages of Studying Salon Management

What makes salon management courses so appealing is the fact that the skills they teach you are not entirely industry specific. While the focus might be on a cosmetology application, these skills can also transfer over to other leadership positions in other careers.

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