The Business of Buying And Selling: Sales Degree

Do you enjoy the thrill of striking a good deal and interacting with customers? Would you like to use your communication and persuasion skills to sell products, services or even causes? If this is the case then you shouldn’t miss out on the benefits that a sales degree can provide you with. Sales is one of the most important elements of any business trying to make a profit and becoming proficient in this field can open a lot of doors. Technology has changed the way in which product and services are bought and earning a sales degree can help you to understand the sales cycle as well as the motivations of modern consumers as well as organizations.

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Sales Degree Information

Associate of Applied Science in Sales and Merchandising

An Associate of Applied Science in Sales and Merchandising program covers everything from fundamental and advanced selling techniques to other related topics such as sales channels, customer service techniques and sales supervision. Graduates from this type of course are typically suited to occupations like sales managers, retail sales, sales promotion managers and departmental managers.

Bachelor of Science in Sales and Marketing

A Bachelor of Science in Sales and Marketing is aimed at people who want a practical as well as theoretical and technological understanding of the field. Courses are focused on issues that are relevant to the sales and marketing environment of today and can include topics such as sales forecasting, sales communication, recruitment, consumer behavior, business writing, marketing research, statistical analysis and more. The average completion time for bachelor degrees in this field is four years.

Master’s Degree in Sales

After completing a bachelor’s degree, preferably in business or sales, you can then go on to study for another two years and obtain a Master’s Degree in Sales. This type of program usually involves courses like advertising, public relations, international marketing, consumer behavior and psychology as well as market analysis. A master’s degree in this field is especially useful if you already have experience in sales, but have an interest in shifting your career towards more of a leadership role.

Degree Programs you Might Like

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Sales Degree FAQ

Can I Earn A Sales Degree Online?

Degrees in the field of sales are typically provided by business colleges in universities. In many cases the subject of sales are also a concentration within other programs, such as marketing or business administration. There are many diploma and certificate courses online for sales, but you can also use the internet to earn a degree. Completing a sales degree online is very beneficial if you are already working in a sales environment where you are gaining experience, but want to back it up with a qualification. In addition to the convenience of studying when and where you have time, some online sales degrees are also offered in an accelerated format, so you don’t have to spend years completing your studies. When studying for a sales degree online, make sure to choose one that offers an accredited university qualification.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate To Study Sales?

Most of the jobs in sales require interacting with customers, so it is definitely advisable that you have good communication skills. Your organizational skills will also come in very handy and in many jobs related to this field you have to be able to meet deadlines or sales targets if you want to succeed. Doing well in sales requires you to have an in-depth understanding of what you are selling, the ability to educate other people about it and being able to show them how much it would benefit them. This is also why having a lot of self-confidence and being persuasive can be an advantage in sales. In addition, you must have excellent presentation skills, negotiation skills and customer service skills. For management positions in the sales industry you are going to have to have strong leadership skills and the ability to multi-task efficiently. Finally, you must be able to think on your feet and it helps to be able to handle rejection.

What Type of Career Can I Pursue With A Sales Degree?

Sales is such a broad area that there are a myriad of jobs in different areas to choose from depending on your interests. From travel agents and financial service sales agents to insurance sales agents, advertising sales agents and more. Because sales form an important part of all industries, many people choose a field that they enjoy in which to specialize and fulfill sales roles. This can make their jobs a lot more rewarding.

How Much Could I Potentially Earn With A Degree In This Field?

Because there are so many careers related to sales it is impossible to state exactly how much you could earn. A lot of sales related jobs also comes with commission, so how much you earn will often depend on how good you are at your job and making sales targets. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has released some median figures for sales related jobs that serve as a good indication of what type of salaries are available out there. For example, in the telecommunications field, retail sales workers earn an annual mean wage of $32,140 while sales managers can earn about $142,690 per year. On the other hand,wholesale and manufacturing sales representatives earn about $59,080 per year according to statistics from 2015.

What Are The Other Advantages to Studying Sales?

Virtually all businesses require sales to function, which means your skills can be a valuable asset in just about any industry. The communication skills you are taught will also enhance your confidence and can be useful in your professional and personal life. In addition, sales careers are one of the very few fields that are almost recession-proof due to the fact that increasing revenue is the biggest focus of almost all businesses. As you gain experience and become more skilled at selling you also improve your income prospects, especially if commission fees are involved. After studying and working in the field of sales some people also go on to open their own businesses using their understanding of consumer and buyer behavior to their advantage.

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