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Bare Bones 101: A Basic Tutorial on Searching the Web
A wonderful collection of 20 lessons, including sessions on important definitions, strategies, tips, and a "closer look" at some of the top Internet directories and search engines.
"The information contained in the following lessons is truly "bare bones," designed to get you started in the right direction with a minimum of time and effort. For more comprehensive and detailed help on searching the Web, consult our recommended list of sites in Lesson 20 at the end of this tutorial."
Created by Ellen Chamberlain, Head Librarian and Full Professor at the University of South Carolina, Beaufort

Blindness Resource Center: Access to the Internet and Web
Includes resources to access Unix, Windows, Java, Lynx, as well as links to accessible Web design, access resources and other blindness links.
From The New York Institute for Special Education

Deep Web Research 2007
"This article and guide is designed to give you the resources you need to better understand the history of the deep web research, as well as various classified resources that allow you to search through the currently available web to find those key sources of information nuggets only found by understanding how to search the 'deep web'".
LLRX Feature by Marcus P. Zillman, December 2006.

Deep Web Research Subject Tracer Information Blog
"It is designed to bring together the latest resources and sources on an ongoing basis from the Internet for deep web research."
By Marcus P. Zillman

"Deep" Web White Paper [.pdf]
"...a vast reservoir of Internet content that is 500 times larger than the known "surface" World Wide Web. The deep Web contains billions of high-quality documents in about 350,000 specialty databases -- all hidden from view from standard search engines."
From BrightPlanet

Freedom Scientific
The company's mission is to develop, manufacture and market innovative technology-based products and services that those with vision impairments and learning disabilities use to change their world.

Finding Data on the Internet
A Journalist's Guide
By Robert Niles

Finding Information on the Internet: A Tutorial
"This tutorial presents the substance of the Internet Workshops offered year-round by the Teaching Library at the University of California at Berkeley"

Finding It Online: Web Search Strategies - (dead link)
"A free interactive tutorial on using search engines, subject directories, and specialty databases to find information on the Internet fast and effectively."
By Debbie Flanagan

Guide to Effective Searching of the Internet
In-depth tutorial from the staff of BrightPlanet.

How to Choose a Search Engine or Directory - (dead link)
Sections include: Fields & File Types ; Search Logic ; Search Options ; Search Results ; Specialty Searches.
By Laura Cohen, University at Albany Libraries

Internet Detective
"An interactive tutorial on evaluating the quality of Internet resources."
From the Social Science Information Gateway

Internet for Construction
"A free, 'teach yourself' tutorial that lets you practise your Internet information skills"
A RDN Virtual Training Suite Tutorial
By Virginia Havergal, Learning Centre Manager, Wiltshire College and Christine Ruzic, Learning Centre Manager, Isle of Wright College.

Internet Resources Newsletter
For academics, students, engineers, scientists & social scientists
A great way to keep current on new scholarly Web resources.
Published by: Heriot-Watt University - Internet Resource Centre

Internet Searching Tools
"The following tools and services are designed for searching the Internet for sites and resources...Note: These tools are ranked based on their interface, versatility, and ease of use. The How to Search the Internet provides useful tools to learn about Internet searching. The Best of the Rest provides an eclectic list of other useful resources for a variety of Internet searching needs."
Dale Vidmar, Library Instruction Coordinator, Southern Oregon University

Internet Tutorials - (dead link)
University of Albany Libraries
Maintained by Laura Cohen

Goal is to "create a comprehensive interactive online tutorial to educate students to find, critically evaluate, and select authoritative Internet materials relevant to specific information needs."
Ohio State University Libraries

NetLearn: Internet Learning Resources Directory
"...a directory of resources for learning and teaching Internet skills, including resources for WWW, email and other formats."

Pandia Goalgetter Internet Search Tutorial
" a short and easy Internet search tutorial that is getting increasingly popular among teachers, students and librarians. It includes an introduction to advanced Boolean searching."

RDN [Resource Discovery Network] Virtual Training Suite
"A set of free 'teach yourself' tutorials delivered over the Web for students, lecturers and researchers who want to learn what the Internet can offer in their subject...All the materials you need are here, with quizzes and exercises to lighten the learning experience."

Resources for Finding Information on the Internet - (dead link)
World Wide Web Subject Catalog - The University of Kentucky

Search Engines, Directories, and Other Tools - (dead link)
- Ohio Wesleyan University Libraries

Search the Web More Efficiently: Tips, Techniques and Strategies - (dead link)
By Daniel Bazac, Web Design in New York

Searching the Internet: Recommended Sites and Search Techniques - (dead link)
"This document explores a variety of subject directories and search engines in order to help you gain skills in conducting research on the Internet."
By Laura Cohen, University at Albany Libraries

Teaching Internet Research Skills
A Seminar Presented by Genie Tyburski
"Teaching Internet Research Skills is a teaching Web site. Links presented here assist instructors in examining issues pertaining to finding and evaluating information on the Internet."

Tu Bibliotecario ElectrÛnico - (dead link) - Your Electronic Librarian
"Index of Web resources in Spanish, with emphasis on media and library tools."

University of Minnesota Libraries - QuickStudy: Library Research Guide
Sections in this tutorial include: Starting Your Research ; Designing a Research Strategy ; Finding Books ; Finding Articles ; Finding Web Sites ; Finding Facts, Reviews and More ; Evaluating ; Citing Sources.

Using Primary Sources on the Web
"This brief guide is designed to provide students and researchers with information to help them evaluate the internet sources and the quality of primary materials that can be found online."
Sections include: What are Primary Sources? ; Finding Primary Sources on the Web ; Evaluating Primary Source Web Sites ; Citing Web Sites.
Written by the American Library Association - Reference and User Services Association - History Section.

The Virtual Chase - Search Engine Guide - (dead link)
Find the Right Tool for Your Research
"This guide offers basic information about the tools needed to conduct research on the Web. It does not attempt to link to every search engine or other finding aid. Instead, it strives to inform researchers about the more useful tools available."

" an online community of libraries and other agencies sharing knowledge and experience to provide the broadest public access to information technology."

  • Learning Center
    "The Learning Center is your source for online courses, downloadable lessons, training tips, and other tools to enhance your public access computing knowledge and skills. You can also use Learning Center resources to conduct technology courses in your library." - The Invisible Web Directory
Searchable Databases and Specialized Search Engines - The Deep Web.

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