The Imperative Civil Servants: Public Administration Degree

Individuals interested in being civil servants at the federal, state or local level of government might consider enrolling in an online public administration degree program. Many students also pursue a public administration degree with the intention of becoming managers outside the government sector. Students graduating with a degree in the field will have the knowledge to lead large groups of people and implement effective policies.

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Public Administration Degree FAQs

What Can I Do with a Public Administration Degree?

A public administration online degree can lead to virtually any management level position. In the government sector, students often go on to influential positions, such as city manager, policy advisor and budget analyst.

Social work is another popular career path. In the corporate realm, potential management jobs are obtainable in marketing, publishing, government relations, education, finances and more. Some graduates eventually go on to become directors, CFOs and CEOs.

What Topics of Study Are Covered in a Public Administration Online Degree Program?

Any topic related to formulation of policy, management of people and organization can be found in a public policy degree program. Schoolwork students will encounter includes budgeting, organizational behavior, economics, policy analysis, research methods, administrative law and executive relations. Graduate level degree programs allow individuals to focus on a narrow topic of study.

What Skills Are Beneficial When Pursuing a Career in Public Administration?

Competency in human interaction and successful leading are paramount to a successful career in public administration. Written and oral skills are important and honed during an online degree program. Other important skills include critical thinking, negotiation and compassion.

What Salary Can I Expect to Earn With an Online Degree in Public Administration?

Salaries vary dramatically depending on the chosen career path, but in general earning potential is high for graduates with an online public administration degree. City managers typically earn between $51,000 and $79,000 annually. Corporate management positions tend to earn a bit more, with a director earning an average annual salary of $68,047. A chief financial officer averages about $92,319 per year.

Online Public Administration Degrees

Earning a public administration degree online has become more popular as competition within the government job sector grows. A Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration lays the foundation for obtaining viable entry-level positions within the field.

Students wishing to further their careers can go on to achieve a Master of Public Administration (MPA). For those intent on entering the corporate sector, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) is another option. A terminal degree in public administration can be earned by completing an online doctoral degree program.

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