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American Psychological Association

American Psychological Society (APS)
A well organized site offering teaching, research & graduate student resources, electronic journals, publishers, software, Internet discussion lists, mental health resources, and job search support.

Biological Basis of Heredity
An Introduction to Basic Cell Structures Related to Genetic Inheritance
By Dr. Dennis O'Neil, Behavioral Sciences Dept., Palomar College.

British False Memory Society

Child & Family WebGuide
"...describes and evaluates web sites that contain research-based information about child development. These web sites have been selected from thousands of sites about children, based primarily on the quality of the information provided. The goal of the WebGuide is to give the public easy access to the best child development information on the Web ... There are six categories of information: Family, Education, Health, Typical Development, Childcare, and Activities"
Created by faculty in the Eliot-Pearson Department of Child Development at Tufts University, in collaboration with academic librarians at Tufts' Tisch Library and the Society for Research in Child Development.
The Psych Student's Best Friend
Sections include Ask the PsychGuy; Resource Center; Search Station; Game Room; Student Homepages; Chat Room; Store.

Encyclopedia of Psychology
" intended to facilitate browsing in any area of psychology. There are two paths envisioned for this purpose: 1. Original information generated by respected researchers and practitioners in various fields of psychology. 2. A hierarchical database of links to websites providing information."

Gorilla Foundation - Koko the Gorilla
Koko has been learning sign language for the last 25 years and now has a vocabulary of more than 1,000 words.
"The Gorilla Language Project, or Project Koko, is the longest continuous inter-species communications project of its kind in the world, and it serves as a unique and irreplaceable resource for the international conservation community."

Great Ideas in Personality
"This website deals with scientific research programs in personality psychology. They are offered as candidates for the title 'great ideas'; whether they are indeed great remains an open question."
Major sections include: General Personality ; For Students ; For Professionals ; Personality Research Programs
Maintained by G. Scott Acton, Ph.D., Northwestern University

A listing of the best Meta-Indexes in the field
Hardin Library for the Health Science, University of Iowa

Psychology Experiments on the Internet
" an on-line cognitive and social psychology laboratory site that has been developed with funding from the U.S. Department of Education's FIPSE program (Fund for the Improvement of Post-Secondary Education). It consists of a set of interactive experiments, a cumulative data archive, download utilities for both data and experiment source code, downloadable Excel macros for analyzing data from the experiments, and support materials for those who want to use and/or develop experiments at the site."
By Ken McGraw, Mark D. Tew, and John E. Williams, University of Mississippi

A Collection of Web Resources for Psychological Scholars and Budding Psychological Scholars.
By John H. Krantz, Ph.D., Hanover College

The Qualitative Study of Dreams
"This Web site contains everything needed to conduct scientific studies of dream meaning using a system of content analysis."
Sections include: Resources for Scientists ; Dream Library ; Interesting Findings ; DreamSAT for Excel.
The Dream Library "contains published and unpublished papers in the research tradition established by psychologist Calvin S. Hall. They are meant for advanced undergraduates, graduate students, and dream researchers..."
By Adam Schneider & G. William Domhoff, University of California, Santa Cruz

The Science of Emotions
Brain and Emotions Research at University of Wisconsin-Madison

The Stanford Prison Experiment:
A Simulation Study of the Psychology of Imprisonment
"...features an extensive slide show and information about this classic psychology experiment. What happens when you put good people in an evil place? Does humanity win over evil, or does evil triumph? These are some of the questions we posed in this dramatic simulation of prison life conducted in the summer of 1971 at Stanford University."
By Phil Zimbardo, Psychology Dept., Stanford University



Sigmund Freud: Conflict & Culture
"The exhibition examines Freud's life and his key ideas and their effect upon the twentieth century."
Sections include: Formative Years ; The Individual: Therapy & Theory ; From the Individual to Society.
- Library of Congress Exhibition

William James

William James
Sections include: Essays, Excerpts, Letters, and Reviews ; From Talks to Teachers ; The Principles of Psychology ; Pragmatism: A New Name for Some Old Ways of Thinking ; The Meaning of Truth ; The Will to Believe ; Essays in Radical Empiricism ; On The Varieties of Religious Experience: A Study of Human Nature ; Other Sites ; Essays about James Williams ; Bibliographic Info ; Discussion Groups.

The C.G. Jung Page
"Currently, the Jung Page has three areas of primary focus:

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