Psychology Degree: Investigating the Human Psyche

A psychology degree opens up numerous job possibilities with typical coursework tackling topics as diverse as psychometric testing, personality development practices and approaches to therapeutic treatment. Many graduates see the degree as a gateway into the business world, while others open may opt to open or work for private psychology practices. The constantly evolving health care spectrum makes the study of psychology a captivating and challenging experience for individuals fascinated by the human psyche and a wage boosting incentive for psychology professionals.

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Psychology Degree Information

Students who pursue a bachelor's degree in psychology from any school of psychology will receive a basic overview of the different psychological disciplines, from experimental psychology to social psychology to abnormal psychology. If they decide to pursue a higher degree, students can choose to specialize in one of these areas where they can focus their efforts.

Study Options

Students interested in psychology will start with a bachelor's degree in psychology. Some junior colleges may offer a two year Associate of Arts in Psychology, but for a rewarding psychology career, further education will usually be needed and can be earned from any top psychology school. The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology typically takes four years to complete and involves the learning of the different approaches to psychology, the major theories and their originators, the history of the discipline, and its various applications. Students may then move on to a master's degree or doctoral degree in psychology or a related field.

Advanced Degrees

Students who have a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology may choose to pursue a Master of Arts in Psychology, either for its own sake or as a precursor to a Ph.D. or Psy.D. in Psychology. Students looking for a terminal master's degree in psychology may instead choose to pursue a Masters of Social Work (MSW). Other students may decide to use their psychology background in medical school. Upon graduation, they may decide to do their residency in mental health and become psychiatrists.

Master Of Arts In Psychology

A Master of Arts degree is a two-year program that often leads to a doctoral program in psychology. However, those who do not pursue the doctoral degree will find that there are many jobs in the psychological field that they are qualified for, including work as a psychology assistant or counselor in a group home or special education setting.

Doctor Of Psychology

The Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) is distinct from the Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology (Ph.D.) in that the Ph.D. tends to be more heavily research-oriented. While both degrees qualify one for clinical work, students who plan to focus mainly on the treatment of patients through various forms of psychological therapy may wish to skip some of the rigorous research requirements for the Ph.D. and opt for the Psy.D. instead.

Choosing A Degree

Anyone who is curious about the workings of the human mind and the underpinnings of behavior will want to study psychology. Psychotherapists use their knowledge about the human mind to help suffering individuals find comfort and happiness in their lives. Experimental psychologists use their studies of the mind to help society learn how to cope with certain situations, how to communicate, and how to understand themselves and each other. Cognitive-behavioral psychologists help retrain the mind to think in more positive ways and break the habit of faulty, self-sabotaging behaviors.

Career Opportunities

For those who have earned a psychology degree, there are many career opportunities in psychology, and the one, chosen will depend on the type of psychology they study. Industrial psychologists can be hired as consultants to help improve worker productivity. Psychoanalysts treat patients who are suffering from serious neuroses in private therapy sessions. Behavioral and cognitive-behavioral psychologists may be found in the mental health wing of a hospital ward helping distressed patience learn and re-learn effective coping mechanisms for normal functioning. Experimental psychologists may be found in private and public research laboratories. A child psychology degree will also help one specialize in the area of

Earning Potential

Earning a top psychology degree can lead to a very rewarding career, and a very lucrative one. The highest 10 percent of clinical, counseling, and school psychologists earned over $100,000 in 2006 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Industrial/Organizational psychologists made a median income of $86,420.

Getting Your Degree Online

Psychology is one of the more popular degrees that one can earn online. Through online distance learning programs, students can take psychology courses according to their own schedule, earning a B.A. or master's degree in psychology often in less time than it would take to earn a degree at a traditional university. Providing that the degree is earned from an accredited online university, the student can take his credential and be eligible for any career that requires a bachelor's or master's degree in psychology.

Getting Your Degree Offline

Psychology is also a very popular major at traditional universities and most colleges and universities that offer liberal arts or ìsoft scienceî courses of study feature a psychology degree option. The bachelor's degree will take four years to complete, a master's degree two and a doctoral degree usually five years or more. Students will have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with professors who can help guide them through their psychological studies, helping them gain focus and learn how to apply their newfound psychological knowledge and research skills. Students who graduate from a top traditional university with a psychology degree will be well equipped to find a desirable and successful career path.

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Online Psychology Degree FAQs

What Is Psychology?

Psychology is the study of the human mind, including thought processes and behavior patterns. Having this type of insight into the way humans think is one of the most important reasons why today's most successful businesspersons earn degrees in psychology.

How Does One Become a Psychologist?

Your degree in psychology is proof that you have what it takes to understand your fellow man. This is powerful knowledge that many employers tend to seek out in prospective job candidates. Aside from that, the field of psychology experiences continuous growth, providing even more job possibilities for graduates of these programs.

In What Industry Sectors Can I Find Employment With My Online Psychology Degree?

Nearly every industry sector looks for job prospects with a degree in psychology. Some industries include health care, education, business, government, private practice counseling, commerce, banking, and many others.

How Much Does a Psychologist Earn?

Annual incomes can vary in this field, as psychology graduates can find work in multiple careers. For instance, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, psychology graduates who work as psychologists in the education sector can earn close to $60,000 a year, while organizational psychologists can make well over $70,000 annually.

What Types of Online Degrees Are Available in Psychology?

There are specific online programs designed to provide the student with an associate's, bachelor's, master's, or doctoral degree upon successful completion. In most states, practicing psychologists must have a master's or doctoral degree, along with licensing from the state in which they practice.

The American Psychological Association awards accreditation. One can choose to become certified through the National Association of School Psychologists if a career as a school psychologist is sought.

What Are the Benefits of Earning an Online Degree in Psychology?

There are a number of benefits for taking an online degree in psychology. Two of the most popular include affordability and flexibility. Since financial aid is available to eligible students, distance learning is a great way for those who find difficulty affording a college education.

Additionally, online learning enables students to keep full-time jobs while pursuing academic goals. With many online degree programs being offered by accredited colleges and universities, there is no better time to get back to school and start working toward your future.

What Are The Best Psychology Schools?

Picking the best school of psychology can sometimes be as tricky as picking the right psychology degree program. However, with a clear indication of what area one chooses to specialize in, this could be made simpler. Some of the best online schools that offer school psychology and general psychology degrees include Ashford University, Walden University, the University of Phoenix and Kaplan University.

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