Advancing Your Career In Information Technology: Professional IT Certifications

Do you have all the basic knowledge required to operate a computer, but would like to learn a few more specialized skills? Do you have a passion for information technology or an interest to work in this exciting field? They key to opening many doors in this industry is obtaining the right professional IT certifications for the jobs in which you are interested. The tech industry is constantly evolving, which is why employers are looking for skilled people to meet the growing demands. With a valued certifications you can also expand your career opportunities when you already have knowledge or experience of the industry. From cloud computing to networking, information security and beyond, professional IT certifications can help you obtain the best credentials to get on the right track for your career goals.

Professional IT Certifications Information

Due to the amount of professional IT certifications available, it would be impossible to cover each and every one. Here are just a few of the categories available in this field and the type of certifications that prepare you for them.

Cloud Computing Certifications

A growing number of companies are adopting cloud technologies, which means IT professionals with the right certifications will continue to be in demand. Professional certifications in this field include AWS-CSA Professional, EMC Cloud Architect certification and MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure certification.

Computer Forensics Certifications

As computer crimes escalate and more people entrust companies with their private data, so does the need for professionals who can conduct computer forensics. Professional certifications in this field include Certified Computer Examiner, Certified Forensic Computer Examiner and Global Information Assurance Certification Forensic Analyst.

Computer Hardware Certifications

If your passion leans more towards the hardware side of things and not software, then training to become a computer technician offers a great entry point in this field. Most certifications in this field do cover software as well, as these days the one cannot function without the other. Professional certifications in this field include Apple Certified Mac Technician, Cisco Certified Technician and Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) A+ certification.

Networking Certifications

Taking care of modern networks, which form the backbone of many companies, requires mastery of a wide range of technologies and tools. Employers typically look for certifications like the Cisco Certified Internet Expert, Cisco Certified Network Professional, and CompTIA Network+ when hiring candidates.

Information Security Certifications

Companies take information security very seriously as a breach can spell disaster for their reputation. This is why a professional certification in this field is very valuable if you are interested in working as a InfoSec specialist. Some of the certifications include Certified Ethical Hacker, Certified Information Security Manager, Certified Information Systems Security Professional and CompTIA Security+.

Programming Certifications

Those seeking to find employment as a software developer will need to know how to program. A programming certification can help you with this knowledge, as well as related areas such as development platforms and environments. Examples of professional IT certifications in programming include Microsoft Certified Solution Developer, Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional and Google Apps Certification.

Professional IT Certifications FAQ

Can I Earn A Professional IT Certification Online?

Since information technology has very close ties to computers and the internet, it is no surprise that most professional certifications in this field can be earned completely online. Depending on the certification you desire, you might have access to training videos, online study materials as well as practice exams. Completing your certification online enables you to focus on your chosen area of study without disrupting your existing schedule or obligations. While many courses provide you with everything you need for your studies in an online format, you might be required to visit exam locations to complete written or hands-on exams.

What Type of Jobs Could I Qualify For With A Professional IT Certification?

Professional certifications in IT tend to be very specific, so the type of jobs suitable for you will depend largely on the type of certification that you have earned. There are numerous jobs in this field though, ranging from technical support specialist, information security analyst, security architect, electronics records manager and cloud engineer to network analyst, systems engineer and more. Before taking a course, make sure that it aligns with the type of profession in IT that you are interested in.

How Much Can I Potentially Earn With This Type of Certification?

Once again, due to the wide range of careers in IT, the type of salaries earned in this field can vary widely. Your earning potential will be highly depended on the type of certification you have, the role you play in your job and the amount of experience you have in the industry. For example, the Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the 2015 median pay for software developers as $100,690 per year, with the projected percent change in employment much higher than other occupations. They also indicate that database administrators earned about $81,710 per year during 2015 while information security analysts averaged about $90,120 per year. The job outlook for most careers in information technology is projected to have higher than average growth compared to other occupations.

What Are The Benefits To Getting Professional IT Certifications?

The field of information technology is a rapidly growing one, which means employers are looking for candidates with proven skills. While it is true that certifications can’t guarantee you a job, they can help to give you an edge over other candidates. Getting certified also proves your commitment to a career in IT, which is something that employers want to see. There are certain companies who only hire certified professionals, so you increase your career options by getting a professional IT certification. During recruitment, IT certification is typically used as a screening or hiring criteria by many HR managers. At the very least, your certification serves as proof that your skills are current, which is very important in such a rapidly changing field. Earning a professional certification can not only help to prepare you for the career you want, but can also be completed much faster than a degree.

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