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See for 1999 Seattle WTO coverage

Anarchy Archives
An Online Research Center on the History and Theory of Anarchism
"My goals are eventually to provide at one site the collected works of the major anarchists and an online history of anarchists and anarchist movements worldwide, including a graphics archive."
By Dana Ward, Political Science Dept., Pitzer College

Chicago Anarchists on Trial : Evidence from the Haymarket Affair, 1874-1887
"This collection showcases more than 3,800 images of original manuscripts, broadsides, photographs, prints and artifacts relating to the Haymarket Affair. The violent confrontation between Chicago police and labor protesters in 1874 proved to be a pivotal setback in the struggle for American workers' rights...Of special interest and significance are the two dozen images of three-dimensional artifacts, including contemporary Chicago Police Department paraphernalia, labor banners, and an unexploded bomb casing given to juror J. H. Brayton by State's Attorney Julius Grinnell. The cornerstone is the presentation, as images and searchable text, of the transcript of the 3,200 pages of proceedings from the murder trial of State of Illinois v. August Spies, et al."
- American Memory, Library of Congress

A Gateway to Selected Documents & Web Sites
Includes the original French Version of the classic essay by De Puydt.
By Gian Piero de Bellis

The Emma Goldman Papers
Part of the UC Berkeley / SunSITE Digital Library

Noam Chomsky
Noam Chomsky
His MIT Home Page

The Bobst Library at New York University - Tamiment Institute Library and Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives
"...a unique center for scholarly research on anarchism, communism labor history, and socialism. Utopian experiments, women's movements, struggles for civil rights and liberties, and other radical activities, including more recent and contemporary developments."

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