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Elemental Data Index
"The Elemental Data Index provides access to the holdings of NIST Physics Laboratory online data organized by element. It is intended to simplify the process of retrieving online scientific data for a specific element."
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Nanotechnology Database
"This site is designed to present up-to-date sources of information on nanotechnology in the following areas: major research centers, funding agencies, major reports and books. Each component has been carefully reviewed and selected. This site is expected to grow with the continued support and updates from those organizations and individuals working in the field. The summaries which appear were taken directly from each of their respective sites.
International Technology Research Institute, Loyola College in Maryland

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

  • Physics Laboratory
    "Supporting U.S. Industry by providing measurement services and research for electronic, optical, and radiation technologies."
    • Physical Reference Data
      Includes: Physical Constants ; Atomic Spectroscopic Data ; Molecular Spectroscopic Data ; Ionization Data ; X-Ray and Gamma-Ray Data ; Radiation Dosimetry Data ; Nuclear Physics Data ; Condensed Matter Physics Data ; Other NIST Data

National Nuclear Data Center (NNDC)
"...collects, evaluates, and disseminates nuclear physics data for basic nuclear research and for applied nuclear technologies. The NNDC is a worldwide resource for nuclear data."
- Brookhaven National Laboratory

NIST Scientific & Technical Databases
"...provides easy access to many (currently over 80) of the NIST scientific and technical databases. These databases cover a broad range of substances and properties from many different scientific disciplines.
- National Institute of Standards and Technology

  • Physics
    "The NIST collection of atomic energy levels, transition probabilities, and collision data is widely used by groups for characterizing and modeling all types of gaseous systems, including plasmas, planetary atmospheres, and astrophysical media, and for health physics applications. Databases and publications make these data easy to find and easy to use. The physics online databases have grown into an extensive listing. The NIST Chemistry WebBook now contains electronic and vibrational spectra for over 4000 compounds. The WebBook also contains constants of diatomic molecules."

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