Helping Patients Move Again with a Physical Therapist Degree

When people need to return to mobility after a surgery or injury, their treating physicians will often recommend that they visit a physical therapist. Physical therapists have special training to provide services that help patients increase mobility and range of motion, restore function, relieve pain and help prevent permanent physical disabilities. An online degree program in physical therapy can give you the background you need to enter this in-demand sector of the healthcare system.

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Physical Therapy Degree FAQs

What Kinds of Degrees or Certification Do I Need to Work in Physical Therapy?

In order to work in the physical therapy field, one must obtain a master's degree and state license. The master's degree is for completion of a physical therapy program from an accredited school. Most states also require that a physical therapist continue their education and take a re-certification exam every two years.

What Traits Should a Physical Therapy Professional Have?

There is no template for the perfect physical therapist, but it does help if you have a good personality, strong interpersonal skills, patience and a desire to help others. Since physical therapists often have to demonstrate exercises or help their patients, it is best if the therapist be in excellent physical condition with no limitations.

What Can I Do With a Physical Therapy Degree?

Physical therapy, like other areas of health care, offers a wide range of employment possibilities. Some potential job possibilities can be in private physical therapy facilities, public gyms, hospitals, clinics, schools and home treatment services.

How Much Do Physical Therapy Professionals Earn?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, the average income for a physical therapy professional ranges between $55,000 and $78,000 annually. Those at the highest end of the income scale (the top ten percent) earn over $94,000 each year.

Why Is Enrolling in an Online Degree Program a Good Choice for Continued Education?

Online degree programs, sometimes called e-learning or distance education, provide the student with a unique and innovative learning experience. Whereas full-time college students are unable to work full-time while attending school, the opposite is evident with students who take online programs.

Since these programs offer complete flexibility, students can take classes when so inclined. They can continue to work their jobs and then take classes at night in the comfort of their own homes. Distance learning makes the impossible possible -- a quality education from an accredited college or university without having to give up hard-earned income.

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