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Eighteenth-Century Resources - Philosophy
A useful collection including links to sites on Kant, Voltaire, Hume, Spinoza, Rousseau and others
Edited by Jack Lynch

Habermas Online
Well organized website on the work of the German philosopher J¸rgen Habermas.
Includes Primary Texts ; Secondary Sources ; Introductions ;
Reviews ; Links ; Tricks
By Matheeu Deflem

History of Western Philosophy from 1492 to 1776
Website for a class taught by Bill Uzgalis at Oregon State University.

The Hume Archives
"The Hume Archives is a repository of electronic texts by and about 18th Century Scottish Philosopher David Hume."
By Jim Fieser, University of Tennessee, Martin

Immanuel Kant

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy - Kant


Philosophy Since the Enlightenment
Topics include Enlightenment, Romanticism, Analytic Philosophy, Existentialism, Post Structuralism, God, Mind, Science, Moral Philosophy, & Philosophy Links.
By Roger Jones, Working Men's College, Camden, London, England

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