West Virginia University

Introduction to West Virginia University

West Virginia University offers numerous degree programs that students can earn completely online. All online classes retain the same rigorous standards found in WVU campus classrooms. Both graduate and undergraduate online degree programs are available. Popular fields of study include education, healthcare and business.

West Virginia University -- Prospective Student Information

Prospective students interested in enrolling in an online WVU degree program can contact the school's extended learning department at 800-2LEARN2.

Online degree programs begin five different times a year and follow a nine-week structure. To assist in the payment of tuition and related fees, West Virginia University offers a full list of financial aid opportunities to online students. Eligible individuals can take advantage of student loans, government grants, scholarships and military discounts.

FAQs on West Virginia University

Does the Online Program at West Virginia University Deliver a Respected Degree?

Online degrees require the same level of class work and comprehension as the school's renowned campus programs. Students earn the same degree with no distinction that classes were completed online. The North Central Association of Colleges and Schools accredits all online degree programs offered at WVU.

What Are the Credentials of Online Faculty at West Virginia University?

The same professors teaching on campus at West Virginia University instruct the online classes. All online instructors boast a lengthy history in both academic and professional realms. This combination of experience allows students to gain insight on both a practical and theoretical level.

What Is the Online Environment Like at West Virginia University?

Online classes at WVU follow a cohort structure. This means that small groups of students progress together through a program of study. All classes are completed online independently. However, online discussion boards and chat sessions foster communication with instructors and fellow students. Students can also expect schoolwork to include online assignments, lectures, textbook reading and exams.

What Is the Admissions Process at West Virginia University Online?

Online students must meet similar admission requirements held to campus students. Application requirements vary depending on the desired level of study and previous academic history. An online admissions application can be found at the WVU official website. For exact enrollment requirements, prospective students should contact an admissions counselor to learn more.

Is West Virginia University Online Affordable?

Tuition costs for online classes vary depending on the type of program an individual wishes to enroll. Undergraduates can expect to pay approximately between $657 and $711 per credit hour. Graduate tuition is between approximately $893 and $1,372 per credit hour. The financial services department is available to assist students with applying for and receiving the maximum amount of financial aid.

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