Utica College

Introduction to Utica College

Utica College originally began as an extension of Syracuse University and eventually became an independent institution in 1995. Utica College and Syracuse continue to collaborate in offering degrees to students. Utica College's primary goal is to provide quality distance education, small class sizes, flexible class schedules, experienced faculty and fully online programs.

Student Life at Utica College

Resulting from the variety of online and offline class offerings, Utica College showcases a diverse range of students from all over the world. Students will gain experience working with peers and esteemed faculty members. Distance education students can interact via lively online discussion, chats, seminars and web projects designed to foster learning, creativity, leadership and communication skills.

FAQs on Utica College

Are the Distance Education Degrees at Utica College?

Online students should check to see if their prospective college is accredited by a reputable organization. This process ensures that other universities and potential employers recognize degrees offered by the institution. The Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools accredits both the traditional campus and online degree programs at Utica College.

What Are Some Requirements of the Online Programs at Utica College?

Students interested in pursuing an online undergraduate or graduate degree should begin by submitting an application for admission. The application requirements vary for freshmen, transfer, graduate, distance and international students. After being admitted, students enrolled in online programs need to manage their time wisely, committing up to 15 hours per week for each class.

Can I Receive Financial Aid for Distance Education From Utica College?

Distance education students can receive many different types of financial aid from Utica College. More than 90 percent of all Utica students, both campus and online, receive some type of financial assistance. Students enrolled in online programs may apply for federal grants, loans and work study, as well as university-sponsored scholarships.

What Are Some Career Possibilities With Utica College Online Degrees?

Online degrees in economic crime investigation and cyber security provide students with the skills necessary to work in rapidly growing industries. The online MBA degrees give students the ability to work in competitive areas of the business industry, including fraud management and professional accountancy.

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