University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - Friday Center

Introduction to University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - Friday Center

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill first established in 1789, making it the oldest state university in the U.S. Continuing education first came to prominence in 1913 with the development of the bureau of extension, a branch of the school designed to reach out to adult learners throughout North Carolina.

Now the William and Ida Friday Center of Continuing Education, this part of the university joins many departments working together to offer a dynamic selection of classes and degree programs. Available distance education options include correspondence studies and online classes.

Student Life at UNC, Chapel Hill - Friday Center

UNC-Chapel Hill's Friday Center offers a number of non-credit classes designed to provide professional development for lifelong adult learners. The center also offers flexible credit programs for part-time students working toward a degree.

In addition to traditional campus offerings, the school boasts a distance learning program that allows students to take classes from anywhere in the world. These diverse offerings lead to abundant opportunity, which means that students can choose the path best suited to their needs, schedule and interests.

FAQs on University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - Friday Center

Is Distance Education at UNC, Chapel Hill - Friday Center Accredited?

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools accredits the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. By choosing an accredited university, students can be sure that the educational institution meets specific standards and guidelines of excellence.

What Are Some Requirements of UNC, Chapel Hill - Friday Center?

There are no admission requirements to take classes at the University of North Carolina's Chapel Hill Friday Center. Students are free to enroll in part-time, self-paced, non-credit and online classes at any time. In many cases, students can begin studies immediately following enrollment. For self-paced classes, students have a period of nine months to complete requirements.

Can I Receive Financial Aid From UNC, Chapel Hill - Friday Center?

Students can obtain financial aid through a variety of sources. In some cases, students can use part of an existing financial aid package to pay for credit classes at the Friday Center. Veterans who are eligible for financial assistance should contact the UNC Veterans Benefits and Services Center for more information about available aid.

What Are Some Career Possibilities With UNC, Chapel Hill - Friday Center?

Students working toward a degree can take a number of credit-based general education classes at the Friday Center, which can speed up the process of earning a degree and entering the workforce. The non-credit professional enrichment classes support those currently in the fields of business management, healthcare, publishing or consulting.

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