University of Florida

Introduction to University of Florida

In 1853, University of Florida was founded in Gainesville, Florida. The university offers undergraduates many different educational opportunities that prepare them for careers following graduation. Graduate students can take advantage of in-depth research opportunities in order to hone their skills in business, law, engineering, healthcare and other subjects.

Student Life at University of Florida

Student life is an important component to University of Florida. The university has a highly successful athletics program that gives students the opportunity to participate in pep rallies and sporting events. With such a large student population, many find the mixture of like-minded people and those with different perspectives an intellectually stimulating environment.

The university offers a variety of benefits for students, including campus dining facilities, housing, healthcare and multicultural events. University of Florida strives to maintain a diverse community of students, instructors and researchers, providing numerous opportunities to explore academic interests.

FAQs on University of Florida

Is University of Florida Accredited?

University of Florida is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Many of its colleges and academic programs have additional accreditations.

What Are Some Requirements for University of Florida?

The University of Florida expects applicants to have at least a C average from high school classes, a minimum SAT score of 1330 and a minimum composite ACT score of 19. Prospective students should submit a completed application, high school transcripts and standardized test scores from the SAT and ACT.

The university bases the process of admission on various factors. Students should not automatically expect that they would be accepted or declined because of individual scores.

Can I Receive Financial Aid From University of Florida?

University of Florida's financial aid office offers students comprehensive information about financial aid programs. Some financial aid programs that students might choose from include grants, subsidized and unsubsidized loans and work study.

The university also offers scholastic and athletic scholarships to help students pay for tuition and living expenses. While the financial aid office has some information about merit-based scholarships, students should contact their specific colleges to ensure that they explore every option.

What Are the Career Possibilities With University of Florida?

The University of Florida offers students many educational and skills training opportunities that will prepare them for life after graduation. Many students enter the finance, healthcare, education, journalism, arts, engineering and legal fields.

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