University of Colorado Denver

Introduction to University of Colorado Denver

With campuses in downtown Denver and Aurora, University of Colorado Denver is able to serve a large student population. As the largest research university in the state gives, students have the opportunity to fulfill their academic passions and prepare for careers after graduation.

Students can choose to earn some online degrees through the university. The University of Colorado Denver offers undergraduate and graduate online degrees in education and technology, in addition to several online classes.

Student Life at University of Colorado Denver

New students at University of Colorado Denver receive orientation to help them locate the resources for a successful academic experience. Students not only have access to a wide number of special interest, academic and sports clubs, but also a career center, the student life office, student employment and a health center.

The Advocate, the state's only student-run alternative weekly newspaper, offers those with journalistic aspirations the chance to become involved in all areas of newspaper production. It also gives students a forum in which to discuss their concerns.

FAQs on University of Colorado Denver

Is University of Colorado Denver Accredited?

The North Central Association of Colleges and Schools accredits University of Colorado Denver.

What Are Some Requirements for University of Colorado Denver?

Prospective University of Colorado Denver students need to complete an application, arrange to have an official copy of their high school transcripts with class ranking sent to the university. SAT or ACT score are another necessary component of the admissions process. International students must present proof that they can speak English well enough to succeed in classes.

Can I Receive Financial Aid From University of Colorado Denver?

University of Colorado Denver's financial aid office provides students with information about financial aid programs that can help with tuition and living expenses. The financial aid office also has information about state and federal grants, as well as work study programs. Scholarships are also available through the university.

What Are the Career Possibilities From University of Colorado Denver?

Students who earn degrees from University of Colorado Denver should have skills and training that will make them competitive in today's job market. The university prepares many students to enter careers in fields such as education, politics, marketing, journalism, healthcare and engineering.

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