University of Cincinnati

Introduction to University of Cincinnati

University of Cincinnati is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. The school has absorbed several institutions, including Cincinnati College and Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music. Today the university offers undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs in 16 colleges. The university offers almost 600 programs total.

Classes are offered in summer, spring, autumn and winter quarters. Students can choose to earn associate, bachelor and master's degrees online in fields such as criminal justice, early childhood education and additions studies by contacting the distance learning office.

Student Life at University of Cincinnati

With over 35,000 students enrolling every year, University of Cincinnati students have an enormous opportunity for meeting new people. The university has many organizations, clubs and activities that can help students meet and develop relationships. Students have access to a wellness center, women's center, student center and leadership development programs.

The University of Cincinnati African-American Cultural and Research Center frequently holds events that foster learning about African-American heritage and culture in a city with a diverse population.

FAQs on University of Cincinnati

Is University of Cincinnati Accredited?

University of Cincinnati is currently seeking re-accreditation with the Higher Learning Commission. It is also seeking membership with the Higher Learning Commission and North Central Association.

What Are Some Requirements for University of Cincinnati?

Prospective students who wish to apply to University of Cincinnati need to submit a completed application, an official copy of their high school transcripts and their ACT and SAT scores. University of Cincinnati also requires new students to submit a personal statement about their interests and information about their co-curricular activities.

Can I Receive Financial Aid From University of Cincinnati?

University of Cincinnati's financial aid office helps students find the financial aid programs that will benefit them most. The financial aid office also provides information about state and federal grants, work study opportunities and scholarships offered through the university and other organizations. Available scholarships include the Darwin T. Turner scholarship, the Christos P. Demakes Legacy Scholarship and National Merit scholarships.

What Are the Career Possibilities With University of Cincinnati?

Earning a degree from the University of Cincinnati should give most students the skills and training they need to compete in the current job market. With so many educational opportunities for students to expand their interests and skills, the career options for graduates are nearly limitless. Many graduates have gone on to successful careers in medicine, education, media, music performance, architecture, criminal justice, social work and engineering.

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